Tuesday, August 8, 2017

It's a book giveaway! Happy book birthday to...

A Feel Better Book for Little Worriers

by Heather Brochmann and Leah Bowen

Published by: Magination Press, American Psychological Assocation



From Magination Press: Worries can feel like a BIG problem to a LITTLE kid!
A Feel Better Book for Little Worriers assures kids that having some worries is normal—
everyone has them, even adults! The rhyming narration helps kids to identify a worry and where it might come from, as well as provides them with helpful tools to reduce and cope with worries.

Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers with more information on how you can help your little worrier stay calm.

I'm so grateful to have been able to work on the first in this new series by Magination Press. Many thanks to the kind folks at the APA, Magination Press, my agent, Nicole Tugeau, and the sweet author/sisters, the @bsistersbooks, Holly & Leah! 

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Or if you'd like to purchase a copy, here's the APA's link for the book
Thanks so much for stopping by! I've been working steadily on six new books this year, and will be back up and running socially (I've taken a bit of a break for the summer) in late September. I hope everyone's taking good care of themselves and enjoying August so far! ~ Shirley

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  1. This is adorable! And it looks like a subject that can help quite a few kids. Good for you and wishing you much success with it!


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