Sunday, July 17, 2016

Grow Peace

Hello everyone! It's been far too long since I've updated my dusty but beloved blog..I really am sorry for the absence! I hope you've all been well!

So many very tragic and sad things have occurred all over the planet and today, I again, woke up to another shooting, this time of police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It's time for peace. It's time for a change to the light. It's time for humanity, compassion, rational and open dialog, and our ability to think beyond what we feel is not fixable, but work towards a better tomorrow. I'm worried about the future our children and their children will inherit.

If we could all in our own way, move towards the positive, and share our love and light, we can keep the darkness short, grow peace. Wishing you all well, my friends!
~ Shirley

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Coming soon! Baxter Turns Down His Buzz, Magination Press

Welcome June! I can't believe how quickly time flies. May was a wonderful blur of so many celebrations..Mother's Day, my father's birthday, my birthday, my anniversary. I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful family and friends who continue to make me feel special year round. I thank you all..and I also thank this wonderful community, the artists here and on the social networks who make my world interesting, active, thoughtful, inspired, rich, and eager to keep learning and growing. Thank you! This year has brought a lot of long nights of hard work, some pressure and worry, a lot of wonderful feedback and a whole lot of inspiration and more energy to keep pushing forward on this journey of illustrating picture books. I am grateful for so much!

I just received word that I can share the cover and release date for a new book coming soon by the wonderful people at Magination Press. Dr. James A. Foley has written another book for the press called, Baxter Turns Down His Buzz, A Story for Little Kids About ADHD. It was such a joy to create the characters and illustrations for this sweet book, which hopefully will become a great resource to little ones and caregivers who care for those coping with ADHD. Thank you to my agent, Nicole Tugeau, and the great folks at Magination Press for this incredible opportunity. T

In a few weeks, I'll share the link as well as further information from the site once it's ready. In the meantime, I wanted to share a snippet or two, and what I consider the first equine endorsement of a little children's book ever. :)

The horses ask, "Are there any carrots in this book?"

These two characters aren't so happy with young Baxter bunny.

Hope you're all doing well and wish you a wonderful June! ~ Shirley

Friday, April 29, 2016

National Picture Book Writing Week - Get Ready, Get Set...May 1-7, 2016 - JOIN IN!

What is National Picture Book Writing Week? 
It's WRITING seven picture books in seven days, with your host,
author extraordinaire, Paula Yoo!
Logo artwork by Janie Bynum
She'll have wonderful guests on her blog for all of the seven days, and I am SO incredibly honored to be a part of her line up. You'll also get a chance to win prizes including a print from yours truly. :)

This year’s NaPiBoWriWee will be May 1-7, 2016 with lots of fun writing advice blogs plus Q&A’s with some special guests.

Here are the basic rules from Paula:

From Midnight May 1st (your time zone) to 11:59 PM May 7th (your time zone), you must try to write 7 picture books in 7 days. We go by the Honor Code, so you do NOT need to send me any “proof.” Please participate daily by posting a comment in my blogs. I will keep track of everyone’s names and put them all in a hat for a fun contest prize random drawing on May 8th. You are allowed to BRAINSTORM IDEAS, RESEARCH and even OUTLINE before May 1st. But absolute NO MANUSCRIPT WRITING until the big day! 

For more details on this entire event, please visit the ABOUT section of my website here:
This will be my first time trying it, I'm nervous, excited, and know I'll be a bit of a mess trying to write, write, write, as I know it is hard work, but it is incredibly exciting and I am SO pumped up for the challenge. Paula, this couldn't have happened at a better time for me and my creative journey, and I'm just so thankful to you for creating this event (since 2009!!!, congratulations!!) that helps so many writers out there keep moving forward on their creative journeys. I'm looking forward to the inspiring Q&A's that will help guide me and push me to keep that pencil to paper. THANK YOU again!

OK everyone, are you ready for the challenge? GO FOR IT and I'm cheering you all on!!! See you Sunday, May 1st! ~ Shirley

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Danny and the Blue Cloud: Happy Book Birthday!!!

I'm so pleased to share with you a wonderful book I had the privilege of illustrating recently....

Happy book birthday to:
Danny and the Blue Cloud, Coping with Childhood Depression
by Dr. James M. Foley, DEd, published by Magination Press!

When I received the opportunity to work on this book, I read the manuscript and immediately wanted to hug little Danny. Though I have not personally experienced or have known someone with childhood depression, I have had the days where I feel that my mood and demeanor is completely different. For me, I'm sure it's aging, but thinking about little ones who may suffer from childhood depression, I found it very important to try to portray the feelings of sadness, grumpiness, and dilemma that Danny feels. Dr. Foley's text and Barnaby Rabbit's "Feel-Good Rules" are encouraging, lively, and motivating for little Danny, and I hope that his experience in the book gives readers some tools for their toolbox of coping. It's been a true delight sketching, illustrating and receiving kind reviews such as this one by 5 year old, Bryan!

The very wonderful folks at Magination Press also interviewed me recently, and I'd like to share that with you here. Also, here is an interview of the is great to read of his background and writing endeavors!

I'll have a book giveaway soon, so stay tuned, and many thanks dear readers and friends for all of your support through the years! It's been an amazing journey and I am just so happy to be doing what I've loved for so long, illustrating picture books. This is one of those moments in time that I am pinching myself. ~ Best to you! Shirley

Danny and the Blue Cloud is available today!
At the American Psychological Association's Magination Press site: Includes FREE shipping!  

or on Amazon (currently 15% off)
Click here

Monday, April 4, 2016

Congratulations, Grandma Nancy! You're the winner!

So very happy for Grandma Nancy and her little readers! I thank you so much for participating everyone, and I wanted to share that the publisher let me know that the books are already in reprint, which is fabulous! I hope they reach an amazing amount of readers out there. Thanks again to the wonderful folk at Lee and Low Books, my sweet agent, Nicole Tugeau, and the talented Paula Yoo for the opportunity to work on these. I'm currently working on the next two stories and am thrilled!

Have a great April and week ahead everyone! ~ Shirley

Friday, March 25, 2016

Winners # 2 and # 3! Congratulations Mary, and Bella! ONE last chance to WIN! :)

I decided to pick two winners today - thank you so much for entering, ladies!
Congratulations to Mary and Bella! I hope you enjoy the books..I'll be in touch with an email to get your addresses.

Happy long weekend and Easter to you all if you celebrate. Happy Good Friday!

May the Easter bunny, and his little sister visit you and yours this weekend!

For one more chance to win, you can comment here, or visit at FB, or Twitter, by 3/31/16, midnight PST. I'll pick the last winner next Friday, April 1, 2016. 

Thanks everyone! ~ Shirley

Friday, March 18, 2016

Hello! Happy weekend everyone!

I want to congratulate Dow Phumrik on winning the first set of books by Lee and Low, Dive Into Reading with the Confetti Kids! YAY Dow! 

For a chance to win a set of books, you can comment here, or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Thanks so much for your support everyone!

Wishing you all a great weekend ahead! ~ Shirley