Friday, July 25, 2014

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Last assignment for "favorite" beverage, The Bellini!

July marks the last assignment for Lilla Roger's Assignment Bootcamp. We were asked to create a piece "for yourself" of your favorite beverage. Now please don't think I'm a heavy drinker, alright? My choice is truly just an ode to one of the best memories I've ever had of an amazing drink that just took me away. There are certain food or drink moments that stick with you, and this was one of them....have you ever had one of those food or drink moments? I hope so!

While in Venice, Italy with my hubby many years ago, we stumbled into Harry's Bar and ordered up the infamous Bellini. They are served in a classic tumbler, not a stem glass, and Harry's is such a tiny place that it was served without much fanfare.
We took a sip, and ahhhhh...refreshing! What a lovely not-too-sweet, not-too-dry beverage to enjoy when you've been out walking the wonderful streets and corridors of Venice. I loved it.

To commemorate that fond memory, I celebrated with some girlfriends in Vegas (also many years ago now), with Bellini's and though they were presented in stem glasses, they did a fantastic job, and I thoroughly enjoyed their version, as did my dear friend, Renee.

I really enjoyed being able to just create when the moment struck. I sketched some thumbs, then started pencil sketching the shape of the tumbler in words about the history and the instructions of how to make a Bellini. From there, I took my Vidalon Vellum pad, and placed the pencil underneath and just started can see where I veered from the sketch but that is the fun part about inking..which is just to let the pen do it's thing.

I also painted the components of the drink, but in the end just chose one of the white peaches to highlight in the composition I finalized in Photoshop. I think this is called "not quite sure what to do with these pieces parts (composition fail!), so just use one a flourish." :)

I've loved these assignments, the generous community, the inspirational posts from Lilla and Beth, and the renewed sense of discovery I have about my art path. I'm continuing on from here to try out the Global Talent Search coming up in August..and then finally the 2nd part of the Make Art That Sells course (part B) in the fall. In between these assignments, I'm rapidly trying to write more and more and sketch and work on my portfolio...long ways to go, but it's been awesome and exciting all the way through. Thanks for visiting and hope you get some time to visit all of the wonderful artwork at the gallery here!

Have a super rest of the week! ~ Shirley

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Friday, July 11, 2014

Happiness is...

...a pair of new shoes.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A "Highlight" for me!

Hi Everyone! I hope you're enjoying July so far. I wanted to share a recent package I received of a project that I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work on. Thank you to Bernadette Szost, my agent the time, who connected me to the wonderful folks at Highlights Magazine. This piece was so much fun to illustrate..I even had the chance to add the little pup whom we call "Pippy", who is a nod to my youngest's favorite stuffed animal. It's always fun when you can add a little something personal to a piece. If you've followed this blog, you'll have seen and heard of my journey on this illustration career. It's something I've been focusing on for 4-5 years now, after working in Graphic Design (which I still do) for me, to be able to work on a Highlights project is truly a wonderful thing. I am grateful for such a great opportunity and I wanted to share with you my joy. :)

It's been a busy summer so with my littlest at camp, I'm settling back into my work-week, and trying my best to enjoy the sun and outdoors before the heat hits in the late afternoon. Our dog is sure loving our morning walks too. Here's to a great rest of the week for all of you and thanks so much for stopping by here, it means a lot!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July!

Wishing all of you a wonderful 4th of July!

Just wanted to note that I marched (for the first time ever) in our local parade today with my baby, Noëlle, who just celebrated her 13th birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Noëlle! She's a recipient of a week long Science camp scholarship at Stanford University due to the wonderful work that the American Association of University Women do. We were honored to march in the parade with them!