Thursday, October 24, 2019

Follow That Map! by Sheri Tan, published by Lee and Low books - A GIVEAWAY

Hello, hope everyone's doing well!
I wanted to wish a happy belated "book birthday" to
Follow That Map! by Sheri Tan, illustrated by me, and published by Lee and Low Books!

To celebrate, I'm giving away a copy of the paperback, so if you'd like to enter the BOOK GIVEAWAY, please leave a comment to enter by 10/27 midnight PST. Good luck!

This Dive Into Reading early chapter book reader was a true challenge to illustrate, truth-be-told! There were multiple scenes of crowds, buildings, and interior shots of buses and subways, and it was a challenge to provide easy-to-follow (not daunting) illustrations of what it would be like to use public transportation. Thankfully with the keen art direction by Maria Mercado and guidance by editor, Jessica Echeverria, I feel that we succeeded and I’m so proud of how this sweet book turned out. Following Pablo and his friends as they walk, ride the bus, then take the subway to finally arrive at Coney Island, is such a rewarding feeling as you empathize with Pablo's friends how sometimes travel can be challenging. Someday, I'd love to visit Coney Island, and maybe I'll take the same route the kids follow. :) It was an honor to illustrate this 8th book in the series and I hope you all get a chance to enjoy this story! Visit:, or your local bookstore for a copy, or do enter for a chance to win!

PS - thank you, Kirkus, for a wonderful review..I'm very grateful.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

I'm back! Happy 2019 and apologies for being AWOL! BOOK GIVEAWAY - scroll to the end!

Dear friends, I hope you've all been well throughout all of 2019 so far. I have to apologize for falling off the face of the earth as the beginning of the year brought a very busy time for our family, leading all the way into the summer, until finally October!

My youngest was awaiting college application notifications, senior year in high school was in full swing, work was busy, and all kinds of other things that took me away from social media, including the world/political climate that truth-be-told has thrown me for a loop!

Our sweet family pup, Zsófi, had been battling late stage diabetes for a few years, and in June—after thirteen wonderful years with us—we had to say goodbye. Losing her was incredibly painful and it took me many, many weeks to recover. She had been so sick for so long that in the end, she was up every two hours in need of my help (or, I just couldn't sleep knowing she was in need). She ate, sleep, drank, played til the very end, though the last week I realize now that she was experiencing symptoms similar to dimentia (canine cognitive disorder). We adopted two black kittens last October which I'm so grateful for as I look back and now they've eased the transition from her loss. We love and miss you Zsófi, and thank you for being such an amazing companion to us all.

Luna and Miso

After weeks of cleaning for a big graduation/bday party, we celebrated Noëlle who attends UC Davis and is a Physics major. GO Noëlle!

The summer brought a wonderful family trip for the first time (all four of us) to Italy, and France. Being able to enjoy delicious italian pasta dishes with wine in Venice will forever be a gem in my memories. We walked the streets of Venice in the early light, and into the late evenings and soaked up every bit.

A rare family photo!

From Venice we took three trains (one to Milan, one to Nice, one to Avignon) and then a rental car to the village of Les Baux de Provence, where we stayed for four nights until we trekked up through Paris to Bayeaux (Normandy), and then finally to Paris for our last three nights. The villages of the South of France (Rousillon, Les Baux, St. Remy de Provence, Arles) were intriguing and beautiful. We missed the lavender fields as they were cut weeks earlier, but the bushes remained and our drives through the tree-lined roads were just incredible.
Les Baux de Provence

View from up top

From the south, we ventured up to the Normandy region, which I must say was a highlight of our trip. The village of Bayeux brought us cooler temperatures, fascinating historic streets, and a place to wash our clothes and set out on an all-day bus tour of highlights of the area. We took a Viator Full Day Group Tour of American D-Day Beaches from Bayeux, which I highly recommend! We stopped at Utah Beach (amazing to learn of some of the heroes in the American 4th Infantry Division) and to walk on the beach itself; then off to Sainte Mere Eglise (important re: the 82nd Airborne operation on D-Day); then to Pointe-Du-Hoc (to see where the American Rangers scaled the cliffs to silence the German guns); then off to Omaha Beach (amazing to walk on this historic beach and see the sights that still exist from that infamous landing on June 6th, 1944); and then finally to Cimetiere Americain de Colleville-sur-Mer, the American Cemetary. Truly one of the most incredible places I've ever visited. The honor and solemnity with which the French hold for our fallen is so beautiful and moving, and we were able to witness the lowering of the American flags set to the national anthem, a 21 gun salute and more. Truly beautiful.
Utah Beach
After Normandy, we were able to visit Mont St.Michel, an amazing island/community near Avranches. It's a UNESCO World Heritage site and we took the tour all the way up to the Abbey of the Monastery. I'll never forget the heat, the crowded village which felt very similar to what Diagon Alley of Harry Potter fame would feel like, and then walking all the steps up to the Abbey where we sat in air conditioning. It was one of the hottest days on our trip, so the trek down from the abbey was fantastic..cooler rooms to view and enjoy and then ice cream on our way out.

view from the top of the monastery

From there we visited Paris which unfortunately was having it's worst heat wave. The day before the hottest day in Paris' history, the girls and I were at the top of the Eiffel Tower (103 degrees)..something we will never forget! We visited the Musee d'Orsay (amazing, amazing); ate delicious food, walked along the Seine from the Eiffel Tower and melted all the days we were there. We shall visit again!

Musee d'Orsay!

the clouds were coming in..though it was still incredibly hot.

proof of the hottest day in Paris' history..crazy!
Once we returned from a fun, but challenging trip (heat, perhaps too-much-close-quarters-family-time, travel itself), we had to get ready for the big move to college, and once that happened, I find myself now with a little more time. I realize now that I needed to take all that time away to tend to my family and basically soak up every moment with both my college girls who I miss every day. To be a mom is....(I shall write another post, for it would be too long to add to this one!)...everything to me.

Thanks friends for visiting here and also I want to share with you all a BOOK GIVEAWAY - I'm thrilled to have had the wonderful opportunity to illustrate the 7th in the Dive Into Reading Early Chapter Book series featuring the Confetti Kids, titled "The Buddy Bench" by Gwendolyn Hooks and published by the great folks at Lee and Low Books.

I love that this story shares Padma's compassionate quest to include others and I hope you'll enjoy it too. Please visit your local independent stores or visit here to order.

Comment below for a chance to win by midnight 10/13/19 PST.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and season of giving. For all who are celebrating, I hope you're all enjoying some quality time with friends and family, and hope there's good food, drink, and fun in the days and new year ahead. For those less fortunate, may we all consider connecting with one another, sharing light and hope to others in a kind word, a phone call, a helping hand.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Rutgers University Council on Children's Literature (RUCCL) One-on-One Plus Conference!

This past summer I submitted an application to attend the's One-on-One Plus Conference, and was very happily accepted to attend! I just returned from a whirlwind weekend and an incredible conference that left me inspired and encouraged on the journey to write picture books!

The energy from the 80-90 mentees and abundance of incredible mentors was apparent at the start..with breakfast and then a great success story from authors Jean Reagan and Lora Koehler. It was great to hear of their near 15 year crit group experience and their paths to publication and how they felt when their book made it to the NY Times Bestseller lists. Congratulations to the both of them!

From there we broke out into the Five-on-Five Sessions. With the direction of the RUCCL lead, Author/Illustrator Lindsay Barrett George, five mentees were paired with their mentors and had a group discussion about all things children's book. At my table were mentors Clarissa Wong, Editor, HarperCollins Children's Books; Erica de Chavez, Sr. Designer, HarperCollins Children's Books; Beth Terrill, Editor, NorthSouth Books, Lee Harper, Author/Illustrator; and Bryan Langdo, Author/Illustrator. Mentees included: Saki Tanaka, Kavita Ramchandran, April Tonin, Caro Libreros and myself. Discussions included so many topics including the following: pros and cons of having an agent, the inner workings of how submissions are taken in at HarperCollins, how the editors and Sr. Designer find illustrators, social media, claiming yourself as an author vs. "aspiring author", as well as introductions from all of us. There were lots of questions and answers and it could've gone for hours..but alas.

After a break, we attended a great panel discussion led by the incredibly talented Margery Cuyler, Author/Publishing Consultant, "Writing Today for Tomorrow's Market"- Panelists: Stacey Barney, Senior Editor, Putnam/Penguin Random House; Jill Flaherty, Children's/YA Buyer, Baker & Taylor; Tara Lazar, Author and Council Member; and Dean Smith, Co-owner and children's buyer, JaZams bookstore.

Tara discussed how ideas came to her and how she gathered the ideas - "write it down, anything" - you never know when it will hit you. Stacey Barney discussed their process of acquiring books which was primarily decided through the editorial team, but this will vary with other houses. Dean spoke of the fact that he attends all kinds of shows from gift shows, toy shows, etc. as he is the buyer for his bookstore/toystore. He says that 8 years ago, he was telling people that unicorns were going to be HOT, and how he predicts the hot new animal will be the.....
(email me if you're interested!

Jill Flaherty told us that there are more libraries in the US than there are McDonalds! Applause! She then spoke of how their work at Baker & Taylor were to share with libraries what's coming down the pike in terms of the publishing world..she will look at trend reports and they also find out about what customers want. She mentioned that a series was also a great way to sell books continually and to look for anniversaries that would be coming up. Next year, the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and Woodstock. Very interesting! The panel answered the question "Do you think about the future when you think about the present?" - and the answers varied..yes and to find trends, Tara watches trends from illustrators and their posts! She makes regular dates to the bookstore and takes note of the "face out" books. She spoke of hearing about the "ugliest animal in the world", but Blobfish and how she worked on Blobfish Bob, and saw blobfish books on the market. Dean says yes and no - and what he hopes to see - namely publishing that speaks to "hope for young boys". I believe he said that he loves the book by Thomas Scotto & Olivier Tallec - Jerome By Heart, as an example. He also stated a wish for books that take a deeper look at cultural awareness. Other wishes from the panel included more middle grade non-fiction, like Marley Dias; quality sports-fiction, more rich storytelling of stories that don't necessarily include or touch upon suicidal realities; and books about "young people who are just kids" who are cool just by liking and respecting one another. Another wish was for more real-life, common situations that reflect confidence in the character, and positive mental health for teens, as well as the hot current trends of: own voices, diversity, indigenous peoples, and STEM/STEAM.

I spent my lunchtime with Brian Schatell, Illustrator. Author. and Council Member who was very kind to have read and provided feedback on my manuscripts while at lunch! We were joined by Margery Cuyler, Author/Publishing Consultant and Council Member, who also took the time to read my ms (apologies for showing it to you on my phone, Margery!), and my other dummies while enjoying a lunch of sandwiches, salads and pizza. I am so grateful for their words of wisdom and advice and can't thank them enough! At the end of lunch, I had the great pleasure to meet and sit with Tara Lazar, Author and Council Member who, along with Margery and Brian, were incredibly fun to speak with. I can't thank Tara enough for her one tweet on Twitter many months ago, promoting the One-on-One-Plus Conference event on her feed! She is such a joy to listen to and be encouraged by and her excitement about books and ideas filled the room.

My One-on-One was more than I had hoped for..a meeting with dear Clarissa Wong, Editor at Harper Collins Children's Books. I can't thank her enough for such insiteful and honest feedback about my manuscripts. We spoke about many things, including family, the Chinese-American experience, the process at HarperCollins, the industry, and so much more. It was so fun to see how we have had some parallel aspects of our lives and she left me with much to think about! I have a notebook with lots of notes to help me along the way as I revise my work in hopes to get them submission-ready. Thank you so much, Clarissa! Joining us later, was Erica De Chavez, whom I have followed through social media from back in the early years of and, it was a highlight to get to finally meet her in person and get to know this joyful, talented woman and hear of her wealth of information about the industry. Thanks so much Erica!

The keynote was given by the power authors, Jane Yolen and Heidi E.Y. Stemple! I have always wanted to hear them speak, and together, they provided such down-to-earth words of wisdom. For two incredibly successful authors, with hundreds of published books to their names, it is easy to assume that these things come easily for them, but no, what they provided in their speech was insight into their fears (Heidi shared a personal email she sent to her (their) agent), as well as Jane's motto: Passion, Patience, Persistence! They spoke of Heidi's book, You Nest Here With Me, and it's journey (a many year journey) to publication...persistence! And glorious illustrations by Melissa Sweet upon waiting for her schedule to clear so that they may have her illustrate the book. I was so encouraged to hear these wishes for all of the attendees:


1) When you find the beginning of your book halfway into your story.

2) Your first draft

3) When you share your story for the first time

4) When your critique group says it's ready (find your trusted reader!)

5) A good rejection (loved it but not enough to marry it)

6) An open-ended rejection (try to revise)

7) the opportunity to revise ("Butt in chair" - J.Y. and "Yes, I can!" - J.Y.)

8) When a child reads your book - ("The ultimate thrill!" - J.Y.)

9) When you receive a letter from a child

Unfortunately I missed some of their keynote, and my apologies to Tara for missing her closing remarkds, due to a flight, but I gained so much from their words of advice and left with a smile on my face. So much to think about, sit with, and do! 

I highly recommend applying to the conference which occurs every year. For information, go to, and follow them on Twitter@ruccl1on1.

Some closing thoughts - I really enjoyed my trip with my dearest friend Renee..we California girls loved seeing New Brunswick, New Jersey and the surrounding areas for the first time. The Garden State is truly green, so crisp. Rutgers University is HUGE, and they were having a homecoming college game against Northwestern which brought Hall-of-Famers from all over to the campus. We drove a rental on the surface streets to the hotel..lots to see, and unfortunately traffic that seemed like the Bay Area. On the way home, we ventured onto the New Jersey Turnpike which was a dream! In an instant, we were on our way home, watching the last bits of our view of Manhattan from the AirTrain at the airport. Back to reality now..hard work ahead in the next few months. I'm looking forward to spending the bits of downtime on my manuscripts though. I know I'll be pulling my hair trying to get just the right word down, while I hone in on the heart of the story but it will all be worth it. OH, one last thing, Renee was kind enough to ask me to attend a talk by Rick Steves, the author, T.V. personality of many books about travel. This resonated with me...remember when we used to say "bon voyage" when you heard someone was going to travel? but that it has been replaced with "safe travels!"...Mr. Steves talked about travel and being open to talking to the locals and broadening your view. Never having visited New Jersey, we met some really great people along the way and experienced downtown New Brunswick by eating at Old Man Rafferty's and enjoyed a great grilled cheese pulled pork sandwich yesterday. It was a joy to experience all of the newness of the city..and I shall be back. Thanks for reading, and apologies for the length! Have a great rest of October and the Fall everyone! ~ Shirley

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Riley the Retriever Wants a New Job - by Jill Mangel Weisfeld & Deborah Mangel

Happy Book Birthday 


Riley the Retriever Wants a New Job 

by Jill Mangel Weisfeld & Deborah Mangel

published by Peek-a-bear Press

I am honored to share this sweet new book by Jill and her dear mother, may she rest in peace, Deborah, who co-authored this book. It was a joy to bring Riley’s story to life, which tells of her quest for “the perfect job”! Thanks Jill, for the wonderful opportunity to celebrate Riley, and thanks to my super agent, Nicole at!

Follow Riley’s adventures on Instagram @workingdogtales 
and head on over to to order a copy!

 Thanks for stopping by! It was quite a summer, tending to a broken bone, fractures, infections, etc..but thankfully we're over the hurdle! I hope you've all been well and I wish you a peaceful Fall. This is my most favorite time of year, and I wish you all good food and beverages (there are so many comfort foods at this time), fun with friends and family, and a hopefully no stress month or two leading up to the holidays. ~ Shirley

Friday, June 1, 2018

The Secret Garden - sketch to final color cover book mockup

Cover mockup created in Photoshop, with linen image, and blank book photo
Hi folks! Happy Friday..hope you've got some restful plans for the weekend! I'm currently dealing with pain from a shingles vaccination (what a wollop!), but hopefully I'm over the fever part. Back in my early 30's I came down with shingles (too much stress from work, my immune system was completely low), and now that I'm able to get the shot, I decided why not. In 6 months I'll get a booster, and hopefully all will be well.

So I wanted to share the process to "The Secret Garden" book cover as this was a prompt from my agent, Nicole Tugeau for her artists for this month. If you follow her @t2_illustrators.and.authors you'll see fellow agency-mates' book covers and interiors.

It started with a sketch I did for a personal project, which I remember having fun with..just adding more foliage and leaves, hidden animals, etc.
I look at this sketch now and think I will try painting it again : )
Anyway, here are snippets of the book cover and process. Lots of gouache/watercolor, colored pencil and photoshop to create the book mockup and pages.

pencil on copy paper, just doodling....

So much fun to paint this. I kept adding and adding bits and pieces..would love to add more animals!

bw sketch on copy paper, layed out and duotone tinted in Photoshop

raw scan of painting (watercolor/gouache on smooth Bristol) - do you see the "key"?

Mockup of the color chapter header in Photoshop

Boy this was fun to paint..birds are hard, but so interesting to paint close up!

I hope to do more of these book cover mockups - I really had a great time painting..and I have next up, The Wind in the Willows in my head. But, work calls, so hopefully I can attempt this this summer.
Happy June everyone! Have a lovely weekend! ~ Shirley