Wednesday, July 27, 2011

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Each day, my littlest one gets the mail for us. We have a mailbox on the lane outside of our front yard and we drive by to get the mail in the late afternoon. I suppose I am an old-fashioned girl but each day, I hope for a bit of "happy" mail amongst the pile of ads and solicitations.

Yesterday, lo and behold, my daughter said, "mom, there's a package for you." and I immediately smiled. Oh my, AIRMAIL from Australia, signed by my lovely friend Alisa Coburn! Yipppeeeeee!!!

If you remember a long, long time ago, there was an international art exchange and I had sent a few pieces of art to people in different countries, and asked Alisa if she would want to participate. At the time, it didn't work into the schedule, but one day a few months ago, Alisa mentioned she'd be sending a parcel..OH BOY!

And here is what was found in a lovely tissue-wrapped, red&white string tied package:
(click image to make larger)
A gorgeous, gorgeous hand painted, multi-media art piece inspired by a "April Rain Song" by Langston Hughes...this piece is something that I will treasure! Alisa's palette and subject matter, line work, and composition are beautiful..thank you for a one-of-a-kind piece, Alisa!
And, dear me, I shrieked when I saw this in the package too - it was one of my most favorite pieces of Alisa's - two of her hand printed (gocco) cards of her sweet napping fox. You must visit Alisa's site for her details of her process here and here. And the beginnings of her inspiration here. Oh, I was charmed by this fox when I first saw it!

And this is the front of Alisa's sweet business card. Her characters and illustrations range from fresh and storybook sweet, to thoughtful and poetic linework. 

I'm so amazed at this gorgeous little package of gems..thank you, Alisa, for sharing your work with all of us and for adding beautiful pieces to my art collection here in California. 

Please visit Alisa at:


  1. Shirley, the kindnesses that you've shared with others should only continue to return to you. You are so deserving of these wonderful gifts! :o)

  2. So happy for you,Shirley. I totally agree with Michele about how you deserve these wonderful art works from Alisa because you are a very kind person. You have been so kind to me,and encouraging me to do my art by visiting my blog,and leave commons. It means so much to me! You deserve this wonderful surprise because you are kind artist and person. Enjoy your collections from Alisa,and be proud of who you are!!!! ^___^ Let's have fun creating arts!

  3. you are blessed Shirley :) Aren't there wonderful people in the world? Especially in Oz :)

    see you!

  4. Oh how fun! Don't you love surprises like that?

  5. You deserve good things. Here's another present. I'm giving you a Sunshine Award. See the details on my blog and spread the love! Keep up the great work :)

    "Sunshine Award 2011" .

    The rules:
    - Thank the person who gave you this award
    - Write a post about it
    - Answer the questions
    - Pass it on to 10 bloggers who you think really deserve it and send them a message to let them know.

  6. Hi Shirley!!!! It's been so long since I popped by. I've been struggling to keep up with my news feed as I follow so many blogs so I've been visiting blog friends via the weekly groups I've been participating in. So I'm very sorry that some where along the line I've missed catching up on yours! Just been having a look and I love your Sound of music piece! That was my most favourite film growing up! I loved it and knew all the words after watching it over and over! I promise it won't be so long between visits next time! I have missed Monsieur Olivet!!!! What has he been up to? Hope life it treating you well! xoxoxo

  7. What a wonderful surprise! I know that really made your day Shirley. I can hear the joy in your post and it filled me with joy. Alisa does some wonderful work. You are truly blessed. Thanks for the link to her page. She has a great art journal. I love her Gocco tips for the over-enthusiastic :o) I never heard the expression “donkey years” before... I like it. God bless.

  8. Shirley, I want Alisa to be my friend! hee hee! What a wonderful, wonderful package of goodies! You lucky girl, you! The little fox is my favorite!

  9. Oh how LOVELY!!!! Alisa's work is beautiful. I adore the mixed media piece and that sweet little fox. Enjoy your goodies!

  10. Oh, Shirley, I got my package too. So wonderful!! Alisa is amazing!


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