Saturday, August 15, 2009

Something new..

woke up this morning and decided to try a new style...something softer, but with some linework...what do you think? As compared to the recent posts...thank you so much for any comment you leave, and for taking the time to stop by...!


  1. I really like these....I know I always like what you do though but really I think this approach works too! I think the softer look works really well with the scene where you are conveying that they are in a busy street some where. It works well in that it hints that there are quite a few people in the picture but you don't have to see all the details. I also love the way you have drawn the little girl looking back. I have real trouble drawing faces from the side and always seem to have to do them from the front which isn't always practical. So well done I think this is great work!

  2. Oh, these are pretty! They look so soft and a little whimsical. Beautiful! :) Silke

  3. Nice stuff. Lighter shades & sharper contrast suggest well lit surroundings...the mouse series was more in a dingy underground tunnel. Lines make these elegant, but also reduce the cuddle factor in comparison.

  4. You have such a beautiful, sensitive style, Shirley! I hope you get your web site up and running soon. I love your work!

  5. Nicola - thank you for your generous words! I'm glad you like the "new" style and you're right..drawing the face at different angles and perspectives is such a challenge for me too - I sketch and sketch, and erase and erase, and then something comes about. I'm always relieved when it "turns out properly"! Thank you for coming by!

    Silke - so nice of you to say! Thanks!

    justdoodleit - glad to hear from you - the comments are so constructive and I very much appreciate it..this helps me along tremendously.

    Cyn - wonderful of you to stop by and for your generous comments! I am going to work my buns off to get the site up soon...thank you so much!

  6. your work is always so sweet and beautiful, I love how extra delicate these ones turned out

  7. I think it's lovely! The water colour on your little pup there is so wonderfully delicate, it's a great style!
    ~ Alisa

  8. Shirley, I like your beautiful style, your watercolors (I presume). And of all my favorite is this little dog.


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