Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Almost fully back online : )

I'm happy to say that I now have internet access...hoooray!! But the "almost" part is now that my internet is working, my wonderful computer has been acting up. The geniuses at the Apple store have figured out that it's a bad graphics card and so I'm waiting for a new logic board to come in so that I can have it swapped out. The Apple store is 45 minutes away, so it's a bit of a haul but we do get to enjoy a little mall shopping while we're there. My eldest enjoys that! : )

Anyhoo..busy with work work, and a few personal projects, and starting a 2nd painting for our little book project. Can't wait to dig in!

Finally, I'm posting some photos of Sierra's theater groups' stage showcasing our (Noëlle and I) painted floor and backdrop. The backdrop photos were taken in the giant warehouse where all of the sets and rehearsals occur. I must say, the play, "BIG, the Musical" is FANTASTIC! The singing, dancing, acting, sets, and orchestra truly are top notch and this year the dates have been close to full houses..completely rewarding to all involved. The reviews have been great as well, and all of the cast and crew have been fully enjoying watching the play each weekend after so many months of hard work. Congratulations to everyone!

And lastly, a snippet of an upcoming illustration I'll reveal on 3/1. I had a great time with this brings back some wonderful memories of my youth.

Hope you've all been well! I owe you all a visit and I send my heartfelt apologies for such a delay in my replies and posts! ~ Shirley


  1. Hi Shirley, That's spooky, my Mac's logic board went kaput in January too! And now it's the scanners turn. : P
    Glad to hear you re back up and running again.

    Love your new header illo, it's so wonderfully vivid and yet delicate.
    The show backdrop looks great, glad it went so well. : )
    xx Alisa

  2. WOW that's a wonderful work!
    Waiting to see you fully back online :)

  3. Great to "see"you back Shirley, you have been so busy. The backdrop looks awesome, what a lot of work must have gone into that. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your latest illustration...that looks like a perfect spring piece, what a sweet little chick x

  4. Vous êtes une grande besogneuse, similaire à une petite abeille... utile ! Votre travail est beau.
    Gros bisous à vous

  5. What a wonderful backdrop! It looks like a fun project. Congrats to you! Always love your illustrations. I really like the banner too.

  6. How cool to work on such a large scale! It came out great! And of course I adore your sweet characters in the sneak peek!!! Glad to hear your internet is back! hopefully the computer issues will be resolved soon, too! I've missed your regular posts!

  7. Wow, now when you are finished with that backdrop can I have it to put on the ceiling of our living room :) You know Deran, Picasso, Gaudi, now Ng-Benitez :) See you soon. apologies for my being scarce. I hope you are well !

  8. Welcome back (sort-of) :) Glad to know things are fairing well for you still, though I knew they would. Great job on that backdrop! And it's great that you keep working away on that book of yours, it definitely encourages me to continue working on mine. It's like I always say - having too much creativity in the world is never a bad thing :)

  9. Bonne continuation pour ce beau projet


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