Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

As promised, I'm posting the final Chinese New Year's piece. This'll be my last post before the big conference and I'm so excited! I'm packed with my new portfolio, postcards and buttons! I'll be tweeting at @shirleysillos so swing on by to Twitter..or I will try to also post to FB if I can figure this all out on my phone. :)

'til then, I am wishing you all well and thanks for stopping by! I'll do a full recap when I return!
~ Shirley


  1. Happy New Year, and have a blast, Shirley!!

  2. Have a BLAST at the conference! Wish I could figure out Twitter! You are the 2nd person today to tell me about something cool being posted on there!

  3. I don't tweet, so I'll just wait for new posts when you get back. Have a great conference!


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