Thursday, September 24, 2015

A New Personal Challenge: 1) Perspective/Viewpoint, and sketch-to-color-final

Hi everyone, I hope you've been well!

This year has been incredibly busy and wonderful in terms of the kinds of projects I've been able to work on. More specifically, I've been working on children's books...a dream come true. My youngest recently told me to stop and enjoy the fact that I've achieved my goal! Well, that simply brought me to tears, as you can imagine. It's something that I now reflect upon and smile at when I think about it because life can be hectic and if you don't stop to enjoy those incredible moments of setting goals and hitting one or two, well, you're just missing out on the celebration of life! I've realized that I set goals to keep me moving forward. I like being busy and productive and I do enjoy seeing progress. I also now realize more and more that I simply love to draw. It's my "therapy" on a busy day and I'm so grateful that I've found something I love to do. I hope you all have many "loves" and passions. I truly believe that by determining what they are and embracing them are gifts we give to ourselves.

And so this is why I'm writing tonight, to set to writing a new personal goal:

The goal for me is to learn more about the following: perspective, color, lighting, composition and storytelling. There is SO much to investigate, practice and learn and instead of determining an end-point, I'm going to start off by declaring the beginning and will hope to post my progress along the way.

Your constructive criticism, thoughts, suggestions and sources of more inspiration and guidebooks on those topics are greatly appreciated along the way!

Here is my first post's challenge:
1) come up with a different/new kind of perspective or viewpoint
2) go straight from sketch to "final" color

Here's my quick 5-min. sketch for a concept:
and here's the "final" color:


  1. Congratulations on achieving your dream... so good that you can enjoy the moment and still go on learning and developing :)

    I will follow your challenges with interest. Perspective, lighting and viewpoints are things I keep intending to work on too! You can show me how it is done.

  2. Congrats! Glad to hear everything has been going well for you while I've been mostly off the blogs dealing with a string of personal and professional crises. I hope to see you around while I work to reinvent myself and get back to my roots! We can learn something new together...

  3. Aw man, you are just...just...AWESOME! I am so inspired by you to grow and keep up the challenges. And oh my goodness, the evolution of your quick sketch to finished painting is incredible!

  4. Love the dynamic aerial perspective Shirley. The finished art looks great!

    1. Thanks so much Stephen! I really appreciate that!


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