Sunday, June 7, 2015

Alice in Wonderland...a "sketch-painting" between projects

Hello! I hope this finds you all well and I just thougth I'd share something I've been working on in the wee hours of the morning between projects I'm working on concurrently. I've found that I have to paint a personal sketch to keep fresh. It started as a pencil sketch straight on my hot pressed watercolor paper, and the other night I decided to just start painting it up. I loved getting into the little bits and adding dots and stripes and brushstrokes in white on top of the final piece.

We are officially on summer break now and I can't be happier regarding how my kids' school year went..the constantly amaze me!! Between music lessons, sports practices and games, and academics, they are just such talented and bright, wonderful human beings who I truly enjoy from morning to night. We're hopeful for a smooth and enjoyable few summer months ahead and hope that you all are well and getting some rest and relaxation too.

Thank you for visiting this dusty ol' blog, I really appreciate it!


  1. I love these wonderful illustrations from one of my favorite stories ever! It is sooooooo beautiful. Such color and personality. Great job you did Shirley! I was just telling Bella Sinclair how much I miss blogging and how I long to get back to doing so. My desk has been full, but this is such a blessing. I am sooooo very, very happy for you and can't wait to get my hands on your book! Make sure you let me know when they come out so I can support and get them as well. Sending you many, many hugs and well wishes. Love to you and yours!

  2. Good morning dear Shirley your Alice illustration is gorgeous. So lovely to see you here. Your children have obviously made you so proud that's wonderful. Enjoy your summer. Hugs xx

  3. Oh, this is so lovely Shirley! I can see you've had fin doing it, loved seeing you adding pattern in there too. Always happy to visit your 'dusty 'ole blog' :) xoxox

  4. Ooooooh, Shirley!!!! OOOOOOH!!!! You are amazing!!! This is amazing!!!! Every single space is filled with just the most delightful detail. I love the swirly lines of your clouds! And squeals to the teacups hanging from them! And all those beautiful plants. Oh my goodness, all your characters are magical. This feels like a portfolio piece. Fabulous!

    Yay, summer vacation! We still have another week and change to go. I can smell summer. xoxo

  5. this is so very lovely and magical Shirley! The rabbit is killing me with utter sweetness.
    Wishing you a fantastical summer.

  6. So much to look at! Love the infusion of patterns along with your always charming characters! Enjoy the summer break! It sounds like you and your children have worked hard and deserve some fun and relaxation!!!

  7. Alice and the bunny have beautiful faces. I'm glad to see you had fun with this. I hope you have lots of fun this summer too!

  8. How lovely and sweet a composition... especially the pattern work, which I just can't get enough of. Thanks for sharing. :)


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