Friday, February 13, 2015

February 13. Mom's favorite number and her birthday!! And, happy pre-Valentine's day!

Happy February 13, everyone. To me, it's more than Friday the 13th, it's the celebration of my mom, for it's her birthday! I miss her terribly, but am grateful for all of her keeps me going!
I remember she said that she wore cashmere sweaters as a teen..and boy, look at her cool outfit here..awesome! There's my aunt in the far background, and my grandmother (mom's mom) too.

Happy Birthday mom..we love and miss you dearly!

Happy pre-Valentine's day too! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead! Here's that little waffle tail'ed beaver in it's entirety. I thought I'd share all of the layouts with ya here as I had a hard time figuring out where I wanted to land with this piece: 1) On a ruled paper background, 2) like a comic strip, and 3) an animated .gif   ...let me know what you prefer! :)
Happy weekend everyone!


  1. I liked the comic strip, as I could read it at my own pace and enjoy every little image :)

    'Happy Mom Memories' to you... I miss my parents still.

    1. Thank you so much June, and hugs re: your is hard! Thank you for your kind words. Take care!!

  2. I know this is late but I loved reading this. I feel a tenderness towards your mother. She definitely did a great and wonderful job with you. A toast to your mom and you!


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