Tuesday, July 1, 2014

We Love to Illustrate Studio!

Hello everyone! 
I wanted to share with you the exciting news from my group's site...we are now called the We Love To Illustrate Studio! The group is comprised of these wonderful talented artists and friends: Belinda Strong, Nina Seven, Cally Johnson-Isaacs, Jennifer A. Bell and myself. I wanted to let you know of this change as we've decided upon a new direction for our site. It's to better promote the group’s love of illustration to the world by sharing each of the six member’s work as well as group projects such as free downloads and printed group projects, via the internet through social media and/or from our Etsy shop. Our goal is to share our love of illustration more often, so we’ll be creating and posting once a week...more news and illustration from all of us!
If you're interested in the group posts and such, please visit (and if you've become a follower of the group) please update your link to: www.welovetoillustratestudio.com 

We really hope you'll enjoy our posts and new direction and thank you for your support!

Have a wonderful July ahead! ~ Shirley

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  1. Awesome. Liked and followed! Love love love the recent posts. Had to go back and catch myself up to the end of the 365. Have a great weekend! :)


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