Sunday, April 6, 2014

Goin' back to school! Lilla Rogers' Make Art that Sells Course

First assignment due today, whew, I made it!

Hi Everyone -
I hope this finds you all well. I wanted to write a post about a course I'm taking right now...5 weeks of FUN and soaking up information and inspiration at the Lilla Rogers' Make Art That Sells online course. I decided to do this to challenge myself design and illustration wise and learn more about different markets for art, and I'm so glad I joined up - it was an investment that I feel is already well worth it.

Week 1: Bolt Fabric
I've never ever tried making patterns, and so this was a super exercise for me. I got all of my tools out and played with all different ways to create fruits and casserole dishes, painted, inked, and sketched. Super fun, but overall, I was torn in so many directions and ways to use the images, that I felt at times super overwhelmed. Thankfully things started coming together and I was able to come up with the piece for a Tropical Fruits and Casseroles Vintage Kitchen theme. The tricky part was vintage, and the other tricky part was use of color and texture. So many options, so little time!

Thought I'd share the process with ya...and you can see all of the different avenues I explored. I still don't know if I ended up in the right place, but I am happy with the brightness of the finished piece. Creating the coordinates was fun too..especially adding little cherries to pineapple slices. Silly stuff like that makes my day.

I am SO blown away by my fellow MATmates...there are some crazy talented people in the group and it is so inspiring to see everyone's designs each week. From beginner to pro and everyone in between, it's the creative journey that is fantastic to be on, explore, push boundaries, and set new goals. I'm stoked for the rest of the course!

Our next assignment is tomorrow and I am going to keep trying to post my sketch-a-day during this, as well as keep up with my client work.

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone!


  1. You will do a fantastic job with this course I am sure Shirley, as I can see already :) Hope you enjoy it.


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