Tuesday, October 22, 2013

134 P is for...


And, I'm trying a bit of color...thoughts anyone? I'd love some feedback! :)

Thank you for visiting!! It means a lot to me!


  1. Oh yes Shirley I am loving that colour, it brings your sunny parade alive x

  2. Oh I love the colouring choice for this wonderful sketch, Shirley. So bright and cheery and just fun! ^_^

  3. It would be fun to see your other pieces in color too. I especially like the elephant in this one.

  4. I like the colour too, I assume this is done in photoshop? Is the sketch done that way too?? I'm not so confident to try colouring up my hand drawn sketches yet, but I must get round to having a go!! I love the shadow under the characters, it really helps, your little sketches are delightful, thanks :)

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Feedback! You rock! Thanks for your words...