Monday, July 15, 2013

35 Hopscotch - and to my subscribers...just wanted to let you know...

... Lucie, Alice and Margaux enjoying a summer's day. "Go, Lucie, Go!" shouts Margaux.

Dear subscriber-friends of my blog –
Please do not hesitate to unsubscribe from my blog as I will be posting a sketch-a-day for a whole year! I realize how an email each day from me can be annoying, so I take no offense should you choose to unsubscribe. Thanks so much for your visits and support..I truly appreciate it! ~ Shirley



  1. Well this is quiet the challenge to do a sketch a day for an ENTIRE year. WOW! Good for you! Can't wait to see your sketches evolve.

    I love the expression on the girls. You really captured the fun and joy of being a kid. :)

    xo :)

  2. Bonjour,

    J'adore ce petit dessin. Il me ramène quelques années en arrière lorsque moi aussi je sautait pour arriver au "paradis"!!
    Gros bisous et plein de bonnes choses pour vous.

  3. I enjoy them every morning while I drink my coffee

  4. Shirley, congratulations on taking on this year-long challenge! The results are fabulous so far! You've inspired me to try more quick sketching...I need to loosen up a bit!

  5. Oh so cute! I love how they each have their own distinct personality!

  6. Unsubscribe from your blog and miss seeing these cuties? Not me! Shirley, I am loving your sketches. I love how you've captured movement in the little girl jumping hopschotch! Please forgive me if you don't see a comment on all your drawings but the WiFi at the beach sucks. Believe it or not, we finally get a signal after 2am! By that time, I'm usually drowsy from all the good Spanish vino! hee hee! That said, when I do get a signal, it's like bam--show me Shirley's sketches! Hugs! :)


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