Friday, June 22, 2012

Recent projects and fun illustrations!

Hope you're all doing well! June has been busy but good... I just wanted to add a few images here of recent projects. I'm thrilled to see "I See My Colors" at the website. I had such a great time working on this project..the clients were wonderful!
the cover

I see blue!
Coming soon in the Fall is another book titled "These Shoes Are" and I'll post more images from that once it's published...for now, here is one of the funnier images I enjoyed painting. Boy those shoes are BIG! : )

I had the pleasure of illustrating this illustration for a sweet child's birthday
...happy birthday little one! 
and lastly, here is a wee snippet of an upcoming illustration celebrating a city that I'd love to visit..
can you guess where?

Hope you're all doing's been great catching up with you and I will continue to keep checking in and blogging as much as possible. Have a super rest of June everyone!! ~ Shirley


  1. Lol, nice one with the city sneak preview. Great work and congrats on the work being shown. I'm happy for you! by the way, the little pup in the air balloon is super cute!

  2. Yay! So many fun projects! Congrats Shirley!!! I really love the queen and the hot air balloon illustrations. They are both adorable.

  3. GREAT,AMAZING!!!!!! Ehh.....
    I'll go for a moment, to invent a new adjective superlative and return. OK?

  4. Congratulations, Shirley! So much hard work and such delightful results.

  5. I love seeing your art! I'm so happy for you!

  6. Ooooohhhh! I love the tassel shoes. Shirley, you have been one busy body! I love your colorful bright and cheery illustrations! I am so happy to know that you are busy with these wonderful projects!!! More power to you. I hope you get to take a break and enjoy some summer fun. Tsup!!!!

  7. Bright delightful cute illustrations,lovely colors! Congratulation!!!

  8. Have fun this June/July too Shirley! The pictures are lovely and so colourful and just beautiful but I told you that already through email, so I must be boring already :)Lol! So happy you've got another book to be published as well-yeyieee! Awesome news! sending warm, warm greetings your way xoxo

    Ps-you should def. visit London one day but their hillside especialy Bath area is even more gorgeous :))

  9. Lovely work there Shirley and as you can guess I love the piggy ;0) Can I guess that you are heading over the water to the good old UK?? How exciting!!
    Jane x

  10. Beautiful! You should feel so proud of yourself :)

  11. Oh, Shirley, all of these illustrations are simply breathtaking! I love the one of the little boy and the dog in the hot air balloon! You are so gifted, my friend. Here's hoping your last days of June are happy ones, lady! :)

  12. AWWWWWWWW!!!!! AW AW AW AW, so much AWE! Hehehehehe, these are adorable and fun and beautifully done! I'm so thrilled to see what you've been up to lately. YAY for fabulous projects! YAY for YOU!


  13. I just want to say a special thank you for your wonderful, sweet,gentle and kind comment. I know you understand me. Thank you dearest Shirley. Hope all is well with you. Tsup!

  14. Shirley, these are fabulous and inspiring. I am oh so very thrilled for you. Love your people work, too. I am so used to seeing your adorable little critters.

  15. Good to see this! Wonderful illustrations. It's nice to have good clients, isn't it? Keep it up.

  16. Hey, Mrs. Benitez, do not blush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I only speak the truth
    Thank you, I am who blush with your kind words
    we continue to share what we like to do with the brushes and watercolors, and that the world keeps turning!!!! HA HA :D
    (and sorry for my really bad English)

  17. So glad to hear you're keeping busy! Your children are always so joyful and adorable. Totally love those fancy shoes. I do have a slight preference for the super cute animals like little puppy in the balloon, oh my gosh! And that pig! Haha! That face is priceless. Wonderful! Always wonderful to see what you're up to!

  18. Well, it's a good thing to be busy if you are doing beautiful illustrations like these ones Shirley.
    "I see my colors" are wonderful, specially when they see gold!
    And those shoes are so cool I think the boy doesn't mind they are too big :)

  19. These are all so sweet! I especially love the royal piggy!!

  20. Oh Dear Shirley, these are wonderful. Your talent is just going from strength t o strength. It's so exciting to see your work up in the bright lights where it belongs.

    Salute!!! :)

  21. Shirley, you're Benitez,really? so I think somewhere in your body have that spirit of Spanish, Latin, which somehow makes me imagining you with a smile on your face with all the Spanish sun, I dunno, a drop of Spanish blood runs in your veins,I'm sure! do you know how I can see it?, in the colors you use on your own art, truth, trust me
    hey how did you know that today is the Independence day of my country?
    It does not matter, anyway, thank you very much, 196 years of independence (some less than U.S., haha) :)
    Thanks for stopping by, you're always very nice to me!
    have a good week! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


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