Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trail :: Illustration Friday (two images!)

"Trails of Raindrops" (painting and title by Noëlle, age 8)

This is my daughter, Noëlle's painting. She's 8, and she's amazing! Look at the palette... and all of those tiny raindrops, and the way she made them splash on the water surface
....simply fantastic!

Watching overhead, the trail of ladybugs
make sure that Monsieur Olivet's
summertime nap is undisturbed.

Ahhh, the lazy days of summer approacheth!


  1. What a sweet little painting!!! Looks like Noelle is taking after her mommy. And that's a very good thing! Monsieur Olivet seems to be having a wonderful nap - I envy him so! :) Have a wonderful week! Theresa

  2. I love Noelle's painting--it's just great! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

  3. AAAAAAAAAHHH! Noelle's painting is fantastic. I love her color palette. She differentiates the storm clouds from the water that has fallen. Very sharp and smart girl! Ah just like her Mom. I hope she does not give it up. I always thought of art as child's play. We should never let the child within us go away.

  4. Love, love, love Noelle's painting as well as yours. She has her mommies talent. Monsieur Olivet looks very content. Unfortunately, for me summer just breezes by so quickly, no lazy days to be enjoyed... I'll have to enjoy them vicariously through Monsieur Olivet.

  5. oh. superb work, shirley! the colors....so fresh!

  6. Well, well, I see we're both celebrating our daughters on our latest posts? Ah, your girl has quite a talent... I suppose the apple never falls too far from the tree? Kisses for both of you! (^_^)

  7. Very sweet Shirley. I love your rich color palette. I think Noelles picture is amazing too :)

  8. I agreed with everyone that your color palette is amazing. I really like your style as well.

  9. Your paintings, especially of Monsieur Olivet, always make me want to live a simpler life Shirley. Oh to while away the hours in a hammock.
    As for your daughter's painting - as you say - amazing. Love the stormy sky, captured perfectly.

  10. Oh Shirley! I LOVE Noëlle's painting! Children's art can be so charming, this is wonderful...she obviously gets her talent from you! And Monsieur Olivet is sooo cute! :)

  11. Wow Noelle has such talent - it definitely looks stormy, the water is choppy and the texture in the sky and the clouds...I love it! Monsieur Olivet is cute as ever, he sure looks like he's having a nice summertime dream there!

  12. They both are wonderful! You daughter will become a wonderful artist too, just like her mother.

    The trail of ladybugs are cute - can't wait for the nice summer evenings as well.

  13. Shirley ... No words ...
    Never, never, we can compare the drawing of a child with an adult ... How much we lost, my God!
    How I would paint like them!
    Well, I would send a big kiss to your daughter. She is a great artist. Really the only true artists are the children.
    Well, her mother also does very good job, I see that you have painted more loosely. That's good. Congratulations to both
    (I liked the idea of showing pictures of our children, I think I'll take your idea to me (with your permission), but mine are very adult, and I keep many pictures of them as children)

  14. Your daughter is very talented,her illo is very good!
    Abut Monsieur Olivet is adorable,I love too sleeeping and he seems so happy!

  15. Hi Shirley, Noëlle's painting is great! Especially those raindrops are brilliant! I personally love children's art :) Just stand aside and watch their magic.

    And that must be the most environmentally friendly hammock ever :D Love the hat hanging by the stalk and a nice touch with the cane by the hammock!

    Great works both!!

  16. Shirley, my sweet! If you're finished with tea, laundry and the dishes, would you come over? I have an award for you... (^-^) oxx

  17. Theresa, Karin, Ces, Karen, Ella, Amalia, Karen, Xiao Twins - welcome!, Nicky, Cally, Bee, Brigitte, Roberto, Monica, Gavin - Oh dear friends! It has been SUCH a treat for Noëlle to read of your kind comments. She is bursting! Thank you, thank you!

    I agree, children's art is magic. Thank you for celebrating with us here! : )

  18. What a beautiful illustration! Such eye catching colours, you have a wonderful style. Noelle's painting is also fantastic, I can see your influence in her artwork!

  19. Noelle's painting is wonderful, Shirley :) she is so talented! or... maybe all kids are talented, and that fact is amazing! Now I remembered this video: is truely interesting: (called what adults can learn from kids)


    Hope you like it!

  20. THAT IS NOELLE'S??????
    she's GOOD!!!!
    oh my, she's one special faerie isnt she???
    oh please say hi from me (does she remember me???), Shirley!

  21. and your painting is always gorgeous!
    (aside from that Monsieur whom i LOVE very much... hmmmmmm i want to sleep next to him... hehe...)

    thank you for your comment on Ces's blog, i love you too!

  22. Both are wonderful! Your daughter certainly inherited your talent :-)

  23. OooOOOOOooOOOOo!!!! Noëlle's a NATURAL! That stormy grey sky is fantastic. And how clever is she to reflect the splashies on the ocean!

    Honestly, I don't know how Monsieur can sleep with all that rain coming down. Aaaaahh, I see. The rain is probably scared of the ladybugs. Never cross the path of a protective lady, that's for sure! Your blues and greens are so beautiful, Shirley! So very relaxing, no wonder he can sleep so peacefully. :)


  24. Your daughter's painting is great - looks like talent runs in the family :)

    And Mosieur Olivet looks so peaceful in his sleep. Very cute.

  25. Your work is exquisite, the idyllic landscape and Monsieur Olivet bring me back to childhood age!!!
    Noëlle paint is enchanting, the image has a great power and I can feel the storm on the sea :o)

  26. Oh it's all in the family he he he he! How wonderful I love Noelle beautiful painting. I see where she gets it from. How awesome. Excellent rain drops. I also love our Mnosieur Olivet just laying out in the summer breeze there. great illustration. Your art work always bring such joy. Great job Shirley and thanks so much for coming out to play for a minute.

  27. So cute ! It's very beautiful ! I love your illustrations !


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