Friday, November 20, 2009

A very, very belated Thank You

I wanted to send a big THANKS to Nicola..who was so kind to send this wonderful bookmark to me many weeks ago. Nicola has been a dear friend to me in this blogland, with visits that make me smile. I am always impressed and amazed at how much she does in one week! She is a talented artist who is remarkable in that she is always experimenting, and trying new techniques and using different mediums all the time. One week she has a lovely flower, the next a beautiful Geisha lady. Her generosity is abundant each time I visit her blog and when she visits mine. I'm sure you all know her, but if you don't, please do check out her blog and say hello. Thank you again, Nicola!!


  1. Awww thank you Shirley you are very sweet!I'm so glad that you liked the bookmark! Thank you for your support and encouragement too! Having so many wonderful blog friends keeps me going with my art and makes me want to get better and better!
    I'm waiting on some more supplies to arrive from the states so I can definitely put one of my pendants aside for you if you like? It's looking more and more likely that I will open up an etsy shop as I am feeling more confident now. Thanks to you and my other lovely blog friends!!! :0)

  2. I enjoy visiting Nicola's blog too and get inspired by her. I've no idea how we survived before blogging!x

  3. This is beautiful, Shirley. I've been to Nicola's blog a couple of times and her work is truly astounding. So very colorful and just plain pretty to look at.

    It's wonderful when we can draw from each other's inspiration.

  4. Yes, Nicola..I've got my eye on the Geisha pendant! Please put one aside at the new Etsy shop..I look forward to seeing it opening soon! And Jessie, Cheryl Lynn, always great to see you swing both are also so wonderful to draw inspiration thank you, too and glad that we can share each other's work this way. : )


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