Thursday, August 6, 2009

What are they reactin' to? hmmmm...

I still can't answer this...but this is a recent sketch, then illustration today..just to keep practicin'...what do you think it might be that they see? or hear? or smell? hmmm...

hope everyone's having a great week - can't believe it's already Thursday!


  1. Such a cute image, I really love how the little mouse is holding the light with it's tail.....hmmm well they both look suprised so perhaps they have discovered a light at the end of the tunnel that leads them to a magical land?? heheheh just a thought, so many possibilities. I'd love to see you draw what they are looking at!

  2. I think they heard some little whimperings in the night and followed the sound and discovered that the farm dog had just given birth to a litter of puppies in the barn!

  3. This is just the cutest thing. Their faces tell us that the adventure suddenly became very exciting!

    You just do such a wonderful job of facial expressions! this illo is very high on the "sweet-dometer" scale!

  4. I am convinced that Mama Piggy has just caught these two redhanded.

    "Sneaking out like that! Ain't this a suprise! You- little mouse! You were supposed to babysit my little boy!
    Now, ain't it home where you twos ought to be in this wee hour?"


  5. I am SMILING over here!..this is absolutely great to read what everyone's experience is when looking at an image...very, very cool. You gals ROCK and I am so happy to have posted this for your reaction.
    Happy Friday Nicola, Sarah, Cheryl Lynn and Shipra!!!!

  6. Shirley, your illustrations are amazing! Your technique is superior and all your illustrations tell a story. In this one my reading is that these two friends went up to the attic (they heard noises!) so they were a bit scared, holding on to each other for courage, but I'm predicting they are about to make a happy discovery. A new friend, perhaps? :-)

    Happy weekend!

  7. "Oh, Look there's a secret door!" This drawing nicely captures a moment of surprise and astonishment. Good job!

  8. Hi everyone! I wanted to tell you that I'll be posting something soon in regards to this post..just have to work on colors and get back to you - but thank you for your creativity and the time you take to come and comment!! You all rock, but you already know that! : )

  9. Beautiful illustration. Love the colors and the characters.


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