Thursday, August 13, 2009

1: "The Adventures of Piggy and Mouse" ....The discoveries begin! Piggy and Mouse ventured further down the tunnel's path, their nerves eased a bit as they sniffed the delicious smells coming from....Chef Ramsey Rabbit (though not related to Gordon!) who was deftly braising vegetables to perfection before his morning test at the infamous cooking school, Le Cordon Lapin. "Oh my!", said Chef, as he quickly turned to spy his viewers whilst waving his spoon in a defensive gesture. "Thank goodness it's just you two!", he said with relief as he offered up a ladle to taste.


  1. Yay now we get to see what happens next!! I just love your style, it's so loose and free. Such a cute little chef!!

  2. Nicola - thank you! I had to get this little Chef out of my system...just saw "Julie and Julie" - have you seen it? It's SO wonderful...sorry, just a huge food fan over here....hope everyone checks it out cause it's a rich (in food, visuals (France!), acting, love) movie. : )

  3. The bunny's expression is cuuute! The eyes you use on your animals make them look really sweet! The brown background goes great with this one because of the different colors. :)


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