Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh, sweet vanilla ("drifting" into that wonderful smell!..I had thought of this as another IF entry for this week!) and faces, faces, faces...

I am heading off on a fun long weekend trip, so I can't post over the weekend, but have been sketching a bit here and there - and then adding some color...these are a few faces that came out of some quick sketches, and I have a lot more practice to do..but I do know that faces are HARD!! I have such an appreciation for those who can do facial expressions and can capture a mood with their illustrations of faces. Have a great weekend everyone! 


  1. Faces are EXTREMELY hard!! But only if you try to make them realistic. If you make them fun and cute then they are not so bad :) You are a natural though... these look great! The blonde with leaves is my favorite! But of course my favorite of ALL is the vanilla girl! So cute! Have fun on your weekend trip ^_^

  2. The vanilla drawing is so much fun!!

    The faces are great too..I love the colour scheme of the second one very much.

    And this is a new template to your blog, right?
    It works wonderful. The new look is inspiring, especially the blogger title.

  3. cute tribute for vanilla, one of my favorite scents too! yum

  4. I can see so much sweetness in your art!

  5. I'm having a fun time scrolling backwards through your posts..... love these faces.....


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