Thursday, June 4, 2009

Adapt - Illustration Friday entry #5

Poor Mr. Fox is having a hard time trying to adapt to eating only veggies from now on...


  1. very, very sweet (hey there's always the dessert cart)

  2. Oh my!! What an adaptation agony!

    I love your details..the carrot-heart pic in the frame and your characters are always lovely.

  3. Hi Shirley!
    Firstly, thank you for the very kind comment you left on my blog - I really appreciate it!
    Secondly, I've just been looking through your blog (don't know how I've missed these images when I've been browsing IF!) and I think you've produced some really lovely illustrations!
    I particularly like the balloons on the globe, the cute cup cake parade, the adorable teddies in bed in hierarchy, and in your latest one, love those two little bunny waiters!

  4. Your little bunny characters are my FAVORITE!!! Nice touch with the window print and the little carrot heart pic! You look like you are doing great.. you will be an illustrator in no time! Hey would you ever want to trade miniature art through the mail? One of my favorite things is trading with fellow artists!

  5. Very beautiful illustration, and a wonderful take on the theme.

  6. AWWW. The bunnies look so adorable and delighted though my heart goes out to the ultra cooperative, poor wolfy.
    I loved how you established the surroundings. really cute!

  7. Great job! I really like your perspective on this, it is just so sweet. I love your little rabbits! Great work


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