Monday, September 10, 2012

San Francisco

It's been too long since my last post! I hope you've all been enjoying September so far. Things have been busy..wrapping up a few illustration projects and ramping up on some design projects. Throughout the time that has flown by, my kids are back to school, the leaves are falling, I've baked some delicious lemon pound cakes (thank you for the link, Renee!), and have been busy working on my portfolio pieces for an upcoming SCBWI event in late September in San Francisco. It's been a doozy getting ready for this, but I'm having fun and just not getting too bogged down with that perfectionism complex that sometimes creeps in.

Recently, I decided to play with my lettering again, and submitted a design in a contest and it's now up for vote...please swing by and have a look if you have time. This card is inspired by the love I have for San Francisco. As a child, my parents would drive us all to visit "the City" each weekend to spend time with my grandparents who would have shopped and cooked for all of us and made delicious homemade chinese dishes that I still can remember and taste in my mind. Growing up as a child driving on 101 out of the city from Chinatown and then driving through the Broadway tunnel through Broadway out to the the freeway was amazing. I still remember seeing Finocchio's and Carol Doda's (that opened my eyes as a kid!), and all of the sights and sounds of the '80's with people waiting in line at clubs with mohawks that were 2 feet high! As I've grown up, the City has become my history and my future as I get to show my kids the places I used to visit with my brothers and mom and dad. From the architecture, historic landmarks and various rich and diverse neighborhoods, to the delicious restaurants, culture and "old stompinggrounds", the City will always have a special place in my heart.

How are you all? What's happening in your part of the world..getting ready for Fall? The elections? Working on some fun projects? I'd love to hear! Thank you so much for stopping by and I appreciate every single comment. ~ Shirley


  1. A beautiful memory to inspire beautiful work. I love the elegant simplicity that encompasses everything San Francisco. My high school best friend lives in San Francisco. I have only been there once and I saw a lot of hills. I also love anything lemony especially in cakes, tarts, cookies. Yum!!! Hope your summer was a great one. This is beautiful, Shirley. Tsup!

  2. Charming use of lettering, Shirley!! The little boat in the foreground is adorable.

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    1. Of course, Ces! Thank you! And I've just commented on FB..thanks so much!

  4. pretty, pretty, hug, hug :D
    lemon, yuuuummmmmmmy

  5. There is just one word to sum up this piece Shirley.....AWESOME! Wow that is such a brilliant piece of lettering and so peaceful to look at. That moon is so clever too, it shine so brightly. Enjoy the autumn, we are off to Rhodes tomorrow and today I have my very first guest design spot with one of my exciting. Take care my friend and speak soon,
    Jane x

  6. I voted, yay! So serene. Beautiful lettering, and I love the blues and the tiny sailboat. Looks like the weather is finally willing to cool down so Fall must be close, and with its beautiful palette. Hooray!

  7. Great to see you back on ur blog Shirley! Your work is really beautiful and elegant, love it...and I've placed my vote of course-hope you get many more as well :) Wishing you a great time at SCBWI in San Francisco and looking forward to reading on how it went once you come back :)

    xoxoxoxox from me :*

  8. Glad to see you're still pulling along, Shirley! I've been keeping busy as well, mostly with my professional job but jumping into the world of children's publishing as an after hours endeavor is more exhausting than I would have predicted. It's all good thought. That's a nice image and would make a great card!

  9. Beautiful, tranquil design!!! I have only been there twice, but absolutely fell in love with San Francisco!! (Of course I cast my vote!) So nice to see you back, Shirley!

  10. Nice looking card, Shirley. I will vote.

    Yes, I agree; San Francisco is magical. I used to go a lot because I grew up in Chico which was only 165 miles away. My first trip was as a little kid with my parents in 1963 to see the Ice Follies, but the high point of that trip was going to Playland amusement park. That old funhouse was incredible. A sad day when it was torn down. Later, the Playland carousel was moved down to Long Beach, and I used to go see it running when I worked on the Queen Mary which was there too, not even realizing it was the same carousel. Now it's back up in the Bay Area again. I used to go to concerts in SF in the 70s, and my brother ran away from home in '67 to see the 'summer of love' in person. He slept in the park, was broke and couldn't wait to come home. ha.

  11. What a peaceful and awesome way to use lettering. Gave my vote for you. Good luck! <3 So lovely to see you back. ^^

    Aw, San Fran sounds wonderful, after reading your story's a place that's certainly on my list to see. My mum was there a long time ago, I think in the 1970's and I love looking at her old photo's she has.

    I've been doing good myself. <3 Going through my blog list I realised two weeks ago that I read a lot of blog by children's illustrators. *laughs* So, I've decided to try and take the plunge to write and illustrate one myself. I'll be hounding the librarian in the children's section of the library with questions, as she part of an Toronto writer's I hope she won't mind me bugging her. *laughs* Have a wonderful week, Shirley.

  12. Thanks for the kind words on my blog! I really enjoyed looking through your site, amazing work! Also I really like the image you created above (you got my vote!). I went to school in San Francisco and really loved my time there so I enjoyed this post! Good luck at the SCWBI conference this fall, I look forward to seeing more of your work! :)


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