Friday, November 18, 2011

Movember, Envelop shop and the beautiful island of Kauai...

In support of Movember, my little avatar sports a mustache...please visit this link for more information about the importance of Movember, the month of November that raises awareness for men's health. Thank you Ces, for alerting me of this!
Also, over at my group blog, I'm so delayed at letting you know that the ladies (Bee, Cally, Nina, Jennifer, Julissa and I) all created designs for pillows and opened up shops with It's really super cool...I've ordered one up for myself and I will keep you posted with the final product. : ) I tell you, this can be pretty addictive, and there are some amazing designs out there. I'm so impressed with what the ladies came up with and want one of each! Swing on by if you have a envelop shop. And perhaps create your own designs, too! : )
This pillow has a special meaning to me as I just love the song, Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Judy Garland's version from the Wizard of Oz will always be a family favorite - I spent many years as a child watching her sing the song with my mom, dad and brothers. More recently, I've come to love the version by by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole). I googled to find out that he has passed away and his song lives on..I remember watching the last episode of "ER" while it played in the background and just got whisked away to another place. Most recently, I had the absolutely awesome experience of hearing it with my family with wind blowing through our rented Jeep while driving under a starry sky to dinner on the beautiful island of Kauai. I will never forget that perfect moment. 

Here are some highlights of my recent family holiday to Kauai..if you have not visited the island, it is a bucket-list kind of thing..and I am  truly thankful to have been able to visit it..I hope you all can do the same!: 

Did you know that sea turtles are prevalent in the south of Kauai? We were so fortunate to see this amazing creature on a few trips to the beach. Thankfully the lifeguards are quick to cordon off the area so that on-lookers won't harm them. Kauai also has the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific" (Waimea Canyon) and the Na Pali cliffs. We also saw the great waterfall from the movie Jurassic Park. Oh my, what a gorgeous island and with warm breezes, and warm sand with reggae music in the background..we were completely a part of the island. Aloha! And mahalo to Kauai!


  1. WOWOWOWOWOOWOWWWWW!!!! So beautiful! I have been to Hawaii but not for more than 8 hours! I did not even know which islands we landed but the sea sure was so blue! Sigh, I wish I can go and stay for a few days. Your photographs are spectacular especially of the edges. WOWOWOW again! Those sea turtles must be used to seeing those rows of legs! Hehehe.

    We are Iz fans here. My husband introduced me to his songs.

    Ahhh, your cute 'mo. But to be fair, it was Bella who told me about Movember and she started the 'mo profile photo craze. Hehehe. So glad you sported a cute 'mo. I gotta check the store. That is a beautiful shade of blue.


  2. well, it looks like you had a wonderful vacation Shirley. These pictures are beautiful. I have never been to Hawaii, but maybe one day I'll get a chance to go there. It is definitely on my list :) I love the pillows you all did for envelope. They all turned out great.

  3. Oh, your pillows!!!!! That's so fabulous with your beautiful handwriting on it! And the blues are so rich and deep! IZ's rendition of Over the Rainbow is one of my favorites. So much so, that it's actually my ringtone. :)

    We must live parallel lives. My SIL lives in Kauai and we are going to visit her for the first time in December. She's threatening to get me on a paddle board. Ha! Your photos are gorgeous! I especially love the one with the pointy skeletal trees. Did you take a helicopter tour? Aaaah, I'm so glad you had a wonderful family vacation! Aloha!

  4. P.S. Ces started the mo avatar party, not me. :)

  5. Shirley, those vacation photos are amazing! I love the one where someone is jumping into the water! Great action shot! And your little avatar looks adorable with his little moustache. A great way to support a cause. I'm glad they're doing something to create awareness for men's health since unfortunately, men don't seem to be on top of health issues and preventable diseases.

  6. What gorgeous photos - look like you had an amazing vacation. Your pillows are absolutely adorable. And that avatar is just so sweet. :)

  7. Lovely! Yes I can tell you've fallen under the spell of Kauai and Iz K's gentle voice- Your gorgeous pillow design sings a sweet tune, as well! So glad to see through your pictures and memories that you had a wonderful time! (My heart is nearly breaking, wishing to be able to visit again some day.)
    Thanks for sharing the "mo" link- I'm loving all the mustaches this month! ;o)

  8. Wow, those are some gorgeous vacation think something as close to paradise exisists here on earth. Aww, heehee, your little mo' is so darn cute on your little avitar. Man, once I'm working, I'd so love to have order one of your lovely.
    I'm quite the IZ fan too...listening to the song on that ER episode brought me to tears.

  9. What a great cause Shirley thanks for highlighting it. Your pillows are wonderful, I shall check the link out. As for your photos of your holiday....woweeeeeee, what a gorgeous place and to see the turtle coming out onto the sand, what great holiday memories you must have.
    A belated Happy Movember to you!
    Jane x

  10. Oooh...I wanna go too! **envy, envy, envy** Gosh, I can't remember the last time I had a family vacation. I guess with the baby now here I'd have to hold that thought for a while.

    And I lurrvveee your pillows! What a clever idea!

  11. Such wonderful pictures! You must have had a great time.


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