Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sketching and concepting a new postcard for #kidlitart on Twitter tonight (

Hi Everyone! So today's the day that a great group of people are getting together to post their postcard concepts online via Twitter (#kidlitart) or visit: for some feedback and of course, I'm late to the party! First things first, I just have to say, YIPPEE, RAIN is finally here for our very drought-ridden California. I think there are smiles all across our state today and it looks like we're set for an even bigger storm this weekend. Thank goodness! One never truly realizes how dire a sitation can be until you see it black and white and firsthand as we all have since last whew!

OK, back to the post..I wanted to share my process as perhaps there are better ideas in the sketches vs. the final postcard itself. Fellow #kidlitart friends, please let me hear it! And bloggie friends, I'd love to hear from you too...

I started sketchin' roughly..and came up with these guys...
But one of the things I'm trying to break through on is composition! I don't know if I'm getting anywhere but I thought I should play with size of characters and depth of it working here? Hmmm....
more turning the piggie around so he's a bit more focused on his large screen tele and freshly made TV dinner. :)
Another angle..struggling with the wolf and how one would be able to view him from the other side of a door!
I finally landed here for one view..added some details..corn-print footstool, boots in the corner..maybe need further details of "worker" pig as he has just built his straw house.
and yet, another layout..I'm thinking I should give the pig side 2/3 of the card, and the wolf 1/3...but still not sure...but you know what? while sketching this scene, I finally came up with the further part of the concept which was to make it seem as though the piggie is in the middle of "home decorating" and the wolf is a-knockin' selling his wares.

happy with the concept, I roughed in a very rough backside...
So, that's it for now...I chuckled when I was trying to figure out the name of our dear wolf-salesperson, and it struck me, "B. B. Wolff" - a.k.a. Big Bad Wolf.

Looking very much forward to hearing your thougths/comments...let me know if this concept even works! Thank you so much!! Shirley


  1. Hey Shirley, I like the one with the wolf peeking through the window. You get more info about the pig's life and a hint of the wolf brings great suspense!

  2. Tried so hard to type and view from my phone last night but the SMARTphone was having nothing of it. I love seeing your process photos and how you allow the concept to evolve. I agree with Charlotte. My favorite is the one where the pig is eating his TV dinner and the wolf is peeking through the window. The composition is more appealing as well. I think you could still do your gag on the back but make the door a window. Can't wait to see what you choose.


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