Monday, February 24, 2014

February Illustration - Acme Triple-Paned Windows Salesman

"Knock, knock, knock...Acme Windows!"

backside of postcard, though I don't think I'll be printing this one up..
Continuing with a new painting each month, this piece follows a concept and sketch I posted earlier this month. Thanks so much for the feedback helping me to move towards painting this layout instead of the other.

In painting this piece, a few things happened along the way....first, I ran out of watercolor paper (my favorite Arches Cold Pressed 140lb. So, rummaging around, I stumbled across a larger block of Fabriano Cold Pressed 140lb. I remember stashing it for fear of using it all up too quickly. Fabriano is pretty costly, so I've stayed away from it for that reason. Well, I decided to tackle the piece swiftly over the weekend, and as I started painting it, I discovered that I just was not into this piece, meaning that I didn't have a great connection to it's content. I chuckled at the concept when I sketched it awhile back, but for some reason, as I was painting it, I lost that interest..and it was a true fight to finish it. I wanted to scrap it many times, but felt that I should just keep pushing it along.

The paper surely helped me to complete the piece. I've been enjoying how the paint dried on the paper..a different feel from the Arches. I decided to just keep plugging away because I read somewhere that it's better to complete a painting, then toss it. And the better thing to do after you've completed it, is to start over and do another. I am fighting with myself about this one, for I feel like I should just move on from this and onto something else..for there are a lot of personal projects on my plate that I should do but procrastinate from doing!

How about you..when something doesn't work, do you toss it and start over right away? When do you know it's just done and there's no point in trying to make it work? This journey has been so interesting. I'm still trying to figure out processes that work for me along the way. Thanks for your feedback and comments here..I am very grateful to be able to share my work with you and to learn from you as well! Have a super week ahead everyone! ~ Shirley


  1. This is really lovely! And it was also an interesting bonus to read about your paper adventures as a peek into the creative process.

  2. Heeheehee! This turned out great.


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