Saturday, November 9, 2013

152 Have you been... the cinema lately? Do you have a favorite theater? I have fond memories of going to the movies in San Francisco as a child. One of the highlights was seeing Star Wars for the first time at the old Alexandria Theater, which is now closed. Google has allowed me to transport myself back to my youth at a site which showcases theaters both open and closed. Have a may find a gem from your past! 

Here are two places I've been. The first is the Alexandria, as I mentioned above, and the second, I'm so sad to know that the Royal Theater on Polk Street in SF, has been demolished.


  1. Love it. My son and I love to go to the movies but all of our old theaters are gone and have been replaced with modern ones :/

  2. I'm loving these scenes! Loving them! This reminds me when I was a kid, my mom would host her Pokeno group once a month and my dad would take my brother and I to the Plaza theatre. I remember seeing Superman II on one of those nights. Good memory. Also really like the zoo a few posts back. I'm a sucker for giraffes! Have a great week!


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