Thursday, October 31, 2013

Inktober - my last post

My last inktober was great fun! I had the pleasure of composing a (mostly) wordless ink-a-day for the month of October, and our little pup's journey of collecting and sending books to those in need was happily received! I decided to see if there were some great places to donate gently used books, and wow, there are quite a few! Please check out these links and thank you for followin' along this past month!:


  1. Shirley, A big THANK YOU for inviting us along to share in your 'inktober' fun!
    It feels kind-of emotional to think it is all done with... but we can imagine all those little characters you brought to life sharing their books, and maybe sending letters with drawings, to thank their new friends. And so it continues...
    As illustrators and storytellers, we can never let a story simply end. Created worlds continue, even after the book is closed :)
    Well done for all your creativity over the month.

  2. Love watching you create a little masterpiece a day. I loved each and every one of them. So inspired by you, my friend!


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