Saturday, September 28, 2013

110 Each year in September, I leave my heart... San Francisco. 

You know when it's just one of those kind of days..the kind that seem to last forever and you just wish it wouldn't end? Well, I had one of those days today and I am just incredibly grateful and sit right now reflecting upon a whole lot. I started my very early day heading up the peninsula for a 2 hour drive all the way to San Francisco, my favorite city for so many reasons. My parents met in The City, and raised my brothers and I down the peninsula, and each Saturday we trekked an hour back to the city for a delicious chinese meal (feast) at my grandparent's home near Chinatown. For years we did this..back when dad drove a station wagon and we all got into our PJs and could sleep on the way home, all three of us, and then get carried to our beds when we got home. Thanks Dad! 

But more recently, for the past few years, I've had the great pleasure to enjoy the annual SCBWI Illustrator's Day, held at the Fort Mason..a wonderful, wonderful venue. Thanks to Lea Lyon and her fabulous team. As I drove to the city, with postcards, portfolio, and my sketches in hand, I was eager to attend this wonderful all-day event. In the next post, (sorry, I'm getting bleary eyed), I will post all about the event, but I just want to send my hugs and thank you's to the fabulous Tracy Bishop, Laura Zarrin, and Joy Steuerwald. They have been so encouraging each year and this year, have kicked that into high gear for me..thank you, ladies! And, I will say more tomorrow, but I just have to sincerely thank the incredibly generous and beyond talented Melissa Sweet

This image is a young "Shirley" who stands in San Francisco, wind blowing, genuinely happy and feeling quite blessed. 

G'nite and I will post more tomorrow!  


  1. I shall look forward to the next instalment!
    (I do love Melissa Sweet's work.)
    Just a note-
    The links above seem to all have %E2%80%8E added onto them so they go to error pages. I'm sure it is a simple fix though :)

  2. Thanks so much June! Just corrected it! :)
    Yes, Melissa's work - amazing..she is one of a kind..such a creative force!

  3. Wonderful! Love San Fran and what great memories of going into the city when you were a child. Hope you had a great Illustrator's Day! Your work is stellar, as usual! xoxoxo


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