Thursday, January 24, 2013

Life without the internet.

Whodathunk life would be so completely dependent upon something that didn't even exist when I was going to school? I'm writing from my local Peet's coffee shop as I await a new internet provider to send me a modem. Living in the country, I've paid unfortunately exorbitant fees to get slightly above dial-up speed at our home for 7 years, and we are now moving up to just below 1 MB as soon as the company sends their modem. It's slow, but better than it was before..and a whole lot cheaper.

Lately, I've been lamenting the costs of internet, television, cell phones..everything. We are without cell phone data plans (so far)..but I can see that it will be in our future soon. I am holding on to my $ tightly as I review the rates that will jump on my cell phone bill! It seems that we are completely tethered to a break-neck speed of information and before I knew it, my kids were hooked..even moreso than I am. Just yesterday, my eldest and I got our internet "fix" by joining my in-law's wireless connection for 1/2 hour. My daughter was so happy. And so was I.

The benefit of not having the internet is having more time for projects that don't require being "on"..more painting, more sketching, a little home-work, and more time to enjoy the quietude of my space. It's been interesting for sure, and I am enjoying my little visits to the coffee shop for some classical music and people-interaction. And checking the internet to see how everyone's doing.

Today, I was happy to receive a simple email stating: Your design has been approved! - and so I can happily say that my new pillow is available at my envelop shop.

Hope you are all well! What about you? Are you completely tethered to the internet, the cell phone, the television? : )


  1. a working single mom of a young teen I finally had to break down and add her to my cellphone plan. We have unlimited everything for an affordable rate and now do just about everything from our upgraded devices. We are lucky too, to have a high-speed internet plan bundled with our local calls only home phone that allows us to stream quickly and seamlessly via the wireless. We did break away from cable and I am convinced, once we disconnected, we've become more productive. We get to bed early, get up early, read more, paint more, sketch more...and when we have the inkling to watch the tele we just stream it through Netflix or HuluPlus. We watch only what WE want to watch and when we want to watch it. I am convinced we were being brainwashed by cable, now that we have stepped away. I am more at peace, relaxed and far less agitated. I even find myself spending less time surfing the net. What I want to see or read comes to me via my Smartphone.

  2. Oh my gosh, Shirley. I complain about the intrusion of technology in my life but it is my livelihood. Today I am working from home writing rule programs and dialed in to our servers at work. :) I cannot be without the internet and even an hourglass drives me insane. However, I still reuse to constantly use the cell phone. I only call my family and a couple of friends on the phone. I even hate text messages. :) Good luck. I hope the modem is fast. Happy New year!

  3. Yes, life and technology has changed so much. Just yesterday I told my 5 year old that when I was his age, phones were attached to the wall (!) and we couldn't take them anywhere. His eyes got so big! It was crazy that I had that "when I was your age" moment. AH!!!

  4. The internet certainly has turned our lives upside down Shirley. Even when I was at uni the only computers were in the library and to make a phone call from there you queued to use the pay phone! I do like modern IT though as without it I would never have met you and my other Blogging Buddies! Hope you get reconnected soon ;0)
    Jane x

  5. DING!

    What? What's that you say? I can't hear you over all the alerts on my phone.

    A few months ago, I saw a program on a growing trend called the slow vacation. No hustle or bustle, just old-fashioned, low-tech goodness. Sounded heavenly.

    Enjoy your tech liberation! And YAY, a big congratulations on the gorgeous pillow! Wooohooooo!

  6. Congrats on the pillow! Now that's an email worth getting!
    I find the internet to be a complete time-suck for me. I get so easily distracted, & before I know it, hours have gone by, & I've accomplished nothing! (There's so much to explore!!) I think you're LUCKY to have had the time to focus on drawing & painting without the distraction of the computer beckoning. I suppose that *could* be me if I really tried, but I lack discipline. *Sigh!* :)

  7. Congratulations on the new pillow! I don't envy folks with kids, because I have been able to stick with my plan to have no cell phone (except for a really low tech Tracfone for car emergencies!), and no FaceBook. I do still spend a lot of time online, but since I've also avoided picking up much digital art technique, drawing by hand means at least I'm off the computer for that! Good luck Shirley, as you navigate these fast moving waters! :)

  8. My internet has been out for days. I am obviously much too dependent on it because I have found myself quite frustrated and impatient with my provider whom we pay a ridiculously high price to. ;) Ah well, it's back today, maybe it will keep working. Congratulations, love the new pillow!

  9. Hi Shirley! Yes, I'll admit that I'm way too dependent on technology. But it's brought me this wonderful blogging community, and for that I'm very grateful!! Very cool news about the pillow...are you enjoying that shop? I'm so uninformed about all of these online retailers...


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