Monday, November 19, 2012

Goin' shopping..and giving thanks

This little lady is going shopping.... not for the deals this coming Black Friday, but for some freshly baked cookies at the local bakery. : ) Just a little snippet of a much larger illustration I completed for a commission recently.

I'm hoping you all are doing well...we are ramping up to celebrate Thanksgiving here over in the states, which means cooking, cleaning, baking, etc. This year, my lovely mother-in-law is hosting and she creates such a wonderful day/night of celebration. I love that she puts out the fine china and serviceware, and creates a floral centerpiece amongst all of the delicious food she creates. Her stuffing rivals your favorite stuffing everyone. It really IS that good. I'm looking forward to dessert as well..we are in charge of the baking and potatoes.

As we approach Thanksgiving, I am happy to recall this past summer's vacation to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. We even drove to Cape Cod (one of my "must-see's in life" and it was fantastic! One of the highlights was visiting "First Encounter Beach" where (from Wiki: in 1621 a hunting expedition comprised from the crew of the sailing vessel Mayflower, which had stopped in Provincetown harbor on Cape Cod Bay after a rough crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, led to the first encounter of the Pilgrims and the local Nauset Indians.) It was a quiet, stormy day and my littlest one was so eager to touch her toe in the Atlantic Ocean (before her big sister did!) and what a place to put it in...such history.

I am sending a heartfelt thanks to the friendships I've made while blogging these few years. The journey I've been on has been filled with many surprises and smiles, and continues to confirm my belief that we are in a community of supportive, caring, and generous people. Thanks everyone...I'm wishing you all a very happy thanksgiving! ~ Shirley


  1. Trés jolie illustration. Toute mignonne !!! cute !!!

  2. That's a bunny on a mission. My kinda gal!

    Ah, Shirley. Reading about your trip and how your little one wanted to be the first in the Atlantic makes me smile. Sounds like something my youngest would do, too. I hope you enjoy a marvelous feast and fun with the family this Thanksgiving. Stuffing is my faaaaavorite side. I'm in charge of potatoes too. I have 25 pounds sitting in my basement. They taunt me.

    Thank you for your friendship. It's one I cherish greatly here in blogville. Great big potato-y hugs to you!

  3. I hope you have a warm and lovely Thanksgiving, Shirley. BIG HUGE HUG from here!!!!!!! XOXO

  4. She is a very cute bunny on a mission ;) So thankful for you dearest Shirley! Happy, happy Thanksgiving.

    Hugs n kisses

  5. What a darling little lady! I love that she's going out for homemade baked goodness instead of the chaotic bargain hunting of Black Friday! What a sweet recap of your trip east with your children! I spend most of my summer weekends on Cape Cod, & you're right - its truly a wonderful place! Have a fantastic holiday, Shirley!

  6. Hi Shirley what a cutie she is. Enjoy your thanksgiving celebrations with your family...the food sounds just delicious. What a wonderful summer holiday you had too. We are all on the countdown to Christmas over here in the UK, take care,
    Jane x

  7. How sweet! I'm stopping by to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! God bless!

  8. Your girls are soooooo smart, adorable and fantastic. Of course it is obvious why they are so. :) Happy Thanksgiving my dearest friend friend. I am grateful you are in my life. You give me joy and smiles with your wonderful art and kind friendship. I am still at work. Ugh! It is supposed to be a short day because of the holiday eve but I am on call and was ambushed with problems. Of course, nothing is easy especially when we expect to go home early. HAHAHAHA! Tomorrow is my husband's birthday and he asked for his favorite dish, lasagna. of course I am happy to oblige along with cooking a turkey, ham, all the sides and baking an aple pie. But I am still at work! Argh!! And yes, I am thankful, really I am. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family dear Shirley. TSUP!

  9. Aw, a lady after my own heart when it comes to doing the shopping. ^_^ Such a stylish little lady too! Mmmm, your wonderful description of that stuffing makes me wish Canada was having Thanksgiving again. Sounds like a home full of warmth and love. I am so glad to hear what a nice Thanksgiving you had, Shirley. Whishing you all the more warm joy. <3


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