Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And the winners are....

Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful comments - to read of your fabulous recipes, prose, book recommendations, and fall/autumn favorite things to do have been a delight for me and I hope for all of you! I hope you all get a chance to visit others that you might not have visited before.

This morning was a whirlwind field trip with my daughter learning about the Colonial Days - she dipped a candle, she made a corn-husk doll, and she ran about with a hoop and stick. It was awesome! After a great day in the woods listening to wild turkeys gobbling in a field nearby, I'm finally able to get back to all of you with the winners of my little giveaway....
I crumpled up all of your names, and randomly chose 3 with my eyes closed..
 and the winners are:
Julissa Mora - the amazingly talented New Yorker who is also the fabulous leader of our group blog: www.welovetoillustrate.com - please check out her wonderful work - she's recently been painting...so pop on by!

Heather Stillufsen - from Rose Hill Design - a fabulous illustrator with wonderful creatures who dance about at her wonderful blog!

and last but not least...

Andrew Finnie - each time I visit Andrew's world, I discover something new and magical - he is a creator-extraordinaire - not only are his illustrations multi-faceted, but his paintings are true gems. Please visit if you have not yet! : ) 

Thank you dear friends for stopping by this past month! I'm hoping November finds you and yours enjoying warm beverages and moments to reflect the beauty of the season.


  1. Oh YAY, Shirley! WOW!!! You truly made my day with this oh so sweet surprise! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel so lucky hehe ;) I can not wait for your precious print. I will pick a very special place for it as soon as I get my own place in the city. HOORAY! xo :D

  2. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!! YIPEEEEEEEE for me, I am so very thrilled and excited to have a print of yours!!!! WOW, You really have made my day!! I can't wait! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! xo

  3. Huh? These are the wrong results. The correct results include my name. Hehehehehe. Just kidding. Congratulations to the winners and it is a pleasure to see a post from you on my dashboard, even if it is to tell me I did not win. Hahahahahah! Tsup!

    That Andrew! Why is he so lucky?

  4. Congratulation to all the winners!!!!!

  5. Lucky, lucky, lucky!! Congrats to all three!

  6. Well done to the winners and enjoy your lovely prizes. Shirley your art rocks! Happy November to you, the year is rushing past us now. Take care,
    Jane x

  7. O! *sigh*
    Congratulations to all the winners...will be visiting them shortly:))))
    Hope we'll be lucky next time:)
    Have a Wonderful day!
    Keep making such great art...

  8. WOOHOO! Congratulations! Gobble gobble!

  9. I wish I could send everyone a print..thank you so much everyone..you really are wonderful!!: )

  10. Wooo! Congrats to the lucky winners! Yay! I'll have to pay these wonderful fellows a visit. ^_~ Aw, sounds like your little one had a wonderful time. ^^

  11. Shirley! YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppppppppppppEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Heh. That's the sound of me yelling out with Glee :) :0
    :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much. You are very very kind and generous. I am stoked!

  12. I even got so excited I put an exclamation mark on the magic word :) which of course was 'inosec!"

  13. Congratulations to the winners, they are soooooo lucky!! :o)


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