Friday, April 1, 2011

April... : )

It's a gorgeous day over here in California..I cannot complain one bit as this is one of those fine Spring days that you just can't help but reflect upon. This morning, there was an amazing pattern of airplane trails in the bright blue reminded me of the crisscross of an apple pie. : )
If you have a moment, check out my group blog's wonderful April post..
the ladies (Julissa, Nina, Cally, Bee and Jennifer) over at have created a fantastic range of FREE downloadable Easter fun! Here is my contribution:

Also, I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Martina of and she has graciously posted it on her blog. Please visit her blog for fantastic interviews of artists from around the world. Thanks Martina!

Back to work I go...thanks for taking the time to pop on by. Have a lovely April ahead!


  1. Glad to hear you are having a gorgeous spring day too. So are we in Oregon. The rain has stopped, sun is out and you can tell everyone is walking with a spring in their step! :)

    Love the colors and the bunny is too flippin' cute!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. a lovely Spring to you, Shirley!
    (though i have no idea what it is like...)

    you are always busy :)))


  3. Hola Shirley! Great interview :) I feel like I am getting to know you! Hey and what a lovely mobile (lovely is good :) ) So joyous, just an ideal accompanimenet to a spring day (like a cup of hot chai tea and a dictionary that has 'accompaniement' in it) :0

    Cheers from autumnal oz

  4. spring still feels far away, but i know it will arrive any day now! cutest egg mobile ever! you guys do such great work, and how do you find the time to it all?


  5. Hi Shirley! Happy April! Congrats on your fabulous feature. That egg-mobile is so adorable. Thanks for sharing the link. :) Enjoy the weekend! Theresa

  6. Happy April to you!! I love your "B is for Bunny". So adorable!!! I always come and visit your site when I feel like that I need some inspirations. Keep up the wonderful work. Looking forward to see more of your art works! Happy creating art!!!

  7. Hehehehehe! Happpy Spring. I am laughing because Mita has so many "handles", aliases, names, avatars. How does she keep them all straight? Oooops! I should not ask, I think I have more. Hahahahah!

    How are you Shirley? I hope all is well with you. You know, it's 2:13 AM as I type this sentence and I just woke up to fetch my on call pager and for some reason decided to visit you. Now isn't that special? I wake up from my sleep and find the colors of jelly beans here. So sweet, but I must go back to sleep. So, have a blessed night.

    Happy Spring! (It's summer here aready in Texas:)


  8. Spring has sprung here in the UK too Shirley. So glad the sun is shining on you.I love your recent Easter work and I shall try translating your interview-LOL. Happy April to you too.
    Jane x

  9. At least it's beautiful where you are darling lady! Hope that all is well with you. You are so busy doing so much and making the world a sweeter place to be with your fabulous work. I couldn't wait to get up so I could visit one of my favorite illustrators!!! Seriously. I am in the middle of the move and it's taking everything for me to stay on point cause I just want to reach out to everyone. Thanks so much for stopping by and I will be checking out your easter stuff for lunch he hehe he!! Have a wonderful day Girly.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  10. So cute, your Easter danglies! And great interview. I especially enjoyed it because my translator was not perfect and some of the wording made me smile. :) Ah, you did that Sudafed packaging? Awesome!

    Happy April and happy spring! Hope you are enjoying a fine weekend, my sweet friend!

  11. Hi Shirley! I love your Easter many pretty colors! I'm glad more and more people are able to see your wonderful work through the interview.

    I hope you're having a lovely weekend. oxx

  12. Thanks to you Shirley!!!I´ll follow your amazing art-work :-)))))

  13. Hello Shirley! Happey April to you too! I love jelly beans and chocolates. Peeps are okay but I feel gross biting off the head. Ouch! Hahahah! Tsup!

  14. I must really be happ-ey! What the heck. I can't stand my own typos.

  15. Shirley! Which Dreyers Ice Cream label did you design? I hope it is Peach!!! Tsup!

  16. Ooooh! Yes, the Sudafed label rocks!

  17. Isn't it just the best time of year. Great mobile Shirley.

  18. Hi Shirley, we're certainly reaping the benefits of the California climate this week, aren't we? I love your Easter download. I know it's intended to be cut out, but the page is so darn cute the way it is! Thanks for the spring cheer!


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