Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pay it Forward

First of heartfelt thanks to all of you who so kindly stopped by to comment recently! I have yet to get to everyone but will do so this weekend!

Also, the reason for a quick post with no illo just yet...I just stumbled upon Penelope Neal's post and wanted to get this out there asap.. and my goodness if you haven't seen Penelope's work, please do so..her animal illustrations are fabulous!

Here’s the concept: “Pay it forward” is the idea that random acts of kindness are given without expecting anything in return. It’s passing on a kindness hoping that your recipients will do the same, and forming a never-ending chain of goodwill, that’s what this is about. But it isn’t only kindness, it is also a means to connect and share instead of just keeping it to ourselves.

Here’s how it works: You’ll have to comment on this post and the first three people who comment will receive an original “Pay it Forward” illustration from me within the next few months. But those three people will also have to post the idea on their blog and commit to creating something for the first three people who comment and so on and so forth.

SO, the first three people to comment here will get something by me, but you have to do this on your blog as well. I’ll be reading your blog to make sure that you have posted something about your “Pay it Forward.”

I'm looking forward to posting my illustration (still in concept right now) for the giveaway - but wanted to it forward, friends! : )


  1. What? Do I have to wait to be the fourth? Oh crud. get me out of first! Get me out of first! Get me out of first. Hahahahaha! I don't know if I am committing to something by being first. I will just claim insanity. Hello darling! How are you?

  2. OH Shirley, I would be so delighted to receive a special illustration from you and will happily do a special Pay It Forward on my blog!

    createwithjoy at gmail dot com

  3. OOOOOhhhh Shirley I would love this, fingers crossed I am the 3rd>>>?? Jx

  4. PS just in the process of adding an edit on my blog!It is on this at the end with a link to you as I only just put up a post 2 hours ago!!
    It's here

  5. Yay for random acts of kindness. Let the chaos begin!

  6. What a lovely idea Shirley, I love it!

  7. Shirley!
    You rock!! Look at all the wonderful folks ready to play "Pay it Forward!" It's inspiring! Yay!! And thank you, thank you for the most excellent plug on this post!

  8. This is a lovely idea - hope a lot will participate.

  9. Okay I will join. I will post a random act of nuttiness and reward the first three people. I will start drawing now and will let you know. Okay!!!


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