Monday, June 28, 2010

Very, very belated Thank You's!

Ahem...I am SO delayed in thanking my friend Ces, for bestowing upon me such a wonderful honor as the "Deborah" award...and I'm hoping she knows how much it means to me. Ces, from the bottom of my heart, thank are such a wonderful friend who continually inspires me with your words and art. You rock, sister! This award was created in honor of her sisterfriend, Deborah, who is an amazing woman! Please read here for the significance of the award, and visit Ces's and Deborah's blogs if you haven't had a chance to visit them yet. Thank you, Ces!
And, it I just had to share my heartfelt gratitude to Ces, for this beautiful illustration. I whooped, and cheered, and just sat in a daze after receiving this piece. Lovely doesn't even begin to describe it. Thank you, Ces!

About a month or so ago, my dear friend Lakhsmita Indira (Mita), sent me a package that had many wonderful treats for myself and my two little faeries...Mita, you are the sweetest witch I know. Thank you SO very much for your thoughfulness and amazing items showing your wonderful illustrations. You are so very talented, Mita! Hugs to you from the three of us!
A few days ago, I was rounding through the ripple blog and came upon an image that really touched my heart...and I thank Cathy Delanssay for this truly remarkable print. Please visit her here.

And last but not least, dear Yoon See, had sent me a sweet package of her wonderful illustrations and pom pom creations for my little girls. Wow! Thank you again, Yoon See!

I must say, I've had an amazing time here on the blogs with all of you. I have been able to try new things, work harder, be braver, be less serious about my work, and I definitely have made some great friendships though we have never met in person. Being able to connect in this way has been a truly rich and rewarding experience for me. There are so many gems out there, and it is truly comforting. Thanks everyone, and thanks as always for your kind visits..they mean so much to me! : )


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  2. I dont know you very well, only from your drawings, which ultimately is you, so that, basing on this, I think you deserve it.

  3. you deserve it Shirley! I too love having met so many wonderful people blogging. I met Susan Mordigal in person the other day and it was as if we knew each other already, for me anyway. She was exactly as I imagined her to be from her blog and emails. It was very surreal, but wonderful.
    How goes the website after the loss of your hard drive?

  4. Beautiful gifts for a beautiful person! It's karma, I tell you. :)

  5. Aaaw Shirley, You deserve all of these and more! Ah yes, I love wrapping things. There, there! You rendered Mita speechless! Hahaha!

  6. :)
    Yes, you have lot of cool gifts Shirley and cool friends:)


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