Thursday, June 24, 2010

A big lemon...

...but I am making lemonade!

Last Friday, unexpectedly, my computer of 4 years died. Apple could not recover the data and so it has been a big week of re-building, figuring out what has been lost (I had archived most of my work up until about 3 weeks ago, and unfortunately did not back up my new website! Argh!), and re-loading and updating apps. Thankfully, though, I had been working on my website and so all of the flattened files were still with my ISP, and so I have since been able to recover the files and at least have them as templates to work from.

It makes me wonder what has been lost forever,
and it has been a process this week trying to make peace with it.
Funny how very attached we can become to technology, files, email, and data.

The good news is that since there was no recovery possible,
I decided it was time to upgrade, and so I have a wonderful new MacBook Pro.
I am truly enjoying all that this new machine has to offer,
and best of all, it is FAST! : )

It was a really hard lesson, but the silver lining is that I "cleaned house" and am back at square one to create again. If you all have backup capability, I highly recommend backing up all of your precious files.

Off to make some lemonade now. : )


  1. Oh-uh-uhmn-Agh-argh_Acck!

    Aaaaw Shirley! I am so sorry. Somehow, it is a story that repeats itself so many times. It happens to the best. Even IT people...I should say - hmn guilty. I have a 1 terrabyte back up disk drive yet I do not do it regularly.

    I have a Macbook pro. Hmn. Yes, very nice and sleek but I do not like the sharp edges and the heat emanating from the power socket. My hands are very sensitive. Still enjoy it but I can't do much work in it. I still need my windows laptop. I wish these companies play nice so we end up with just one machine with all the necessary apps.

    Hope you have nice surprises as you recover some files. Good luck.

  2. Shirley, I cannot even imagine how terrible it is to have a computer crashing to death! O_o
    You made me think I have to hurry up and buy an external storage hard disk...URGENTLY!

    Nice for you that you have a new computer and that it gives you such a good feeling!
    I wish you a sunny weekend free from pc-troubles!

  3. Ah, goodnight to you too!

    BTW, I bought a laptop pad with a fan and it helps a lot. Less than $30.00 at Walmart. It is Belkin and it really cools the laptop. It is powered through a USB connector which means you may have to attach the laptop to a power supply all the time but still, I'd rather have that than feel the heat.

    Goodnight, Shirley.

  4. Hello Shirley!
    Damned computers, something like that happened to me some years ago and I remember the anxiety and desesperation. Argh, it´s a terrible feeling. Since then I´m very distrustful with computers, you never know when they are going to stab you XD.
    I hope you had been able to recovered as much as possible.
    This mouse is super-cute, very very nice .-)

  5. Oh, so sorry to hear about your computer woes, Shirley - we are indeed so reliant on the darned things! I just backed up this morning (after several weeks not doing so, I have to admit!!).

  6. Sooo sorry to hear about your puter crashing, data loss would be SO annoying. But - glad to see you are looking on the bright side! A very sweet and apt little illustration Shirley! If anyone can help you turn lemons into lemonade, it'll be this cute little mouse hehe!

  7. So cute :) I lvoe, again, again... :)

  8. very cute your mouse ! ^_^

  9. So sorry this happened Shirley - it's horrible how it makes you feel to lose so much work and realise how dependent we've become on these machines. Love the big lemon! I just made some elderflower champagne and while I was camping it exploded across my kitchen. I came home to a horrible sticky mess! Good luck with the lemonade!

  10. Hello Shirley, for your comfort, I can tell you that these things happen to us all, are the risks of the modern age. which, moreover, gives us some advantages, that when everything works well not appreciate.
    Only, sometimes we rely too much on technology and we do not remember that she also fails. I should buy a new computer a week ago because the old computer told me "I did not want to work".
    Anyway, your ilustación is very beautiful.

  11. Oh! The support I feel is immense. You all deserve a big tall glass of lemonade and we can all sip it together. I shall be swinging by for a visit today...thank you, dear friends!

  12. Adorable illustration!!
    EEK, can't believe what you're going through : (
    Lost time and effort, @#&$ !!! Sounds like you've got a good attitude about it. Good luck Shirley.

  13. Oh Shirley dear, I have been there and it is a devastating blow. I bought an external hard drive when this happened to me and I had to replace the hard drive. Everything gone. Now you have reminded me that I must get one for my new Mac. just in case... Well, at least you have a great attitude, I would still be crying. Love the illustration to go with your lemonade! I'm sick for you over the website stuff. I know you have been working on it for a while now. I hope you are able to use what you have.

  14. So cute!About computers you are totally right!

  15. Cheers to you as we all partake and find comfort in each others' lemonade moments! And who could resist even a tiny drop from such a cute little mouse? Good luck in your "recovery!"

  16. You, ma'am, make the sweetest lemonade! Funny, though, your lemonade has a slight apple flavor. :)

    Crud. I'm so sorry about your lost files. You are a much better person than I, I'm afraid. Had that been me, I would have chopped down the lemon tree and rammed it into a wood chipper. I backup through Time Machine, but seeing has how one of my Time Machine units has just DIED, I am now considering backing up to a remote service, like:

  17. Sorry that happened but glad you are up and running so I could look at your marvelous artwork. I am enchanted.

  18. Sorry about the tech mishap...choosing this mouse instead of the digital one to make lemonade is a wise move :)

  19. I love your watercolors!
    so very cute!
    I paint too in watercolor :)
    (sorry I dont speak inglish very well :P)
    congratulation for u illustration

  20. Hey Shirley! So sorry to hear about your computer... and more sorry to hear that you lost some of your work. My iMac bit the dust about this time last year. I was 905 done with a book that I was illustrating and lost it all. I was devastated. I worked my butt of and the second set came out better than the ones that I had lost..... but now I back up with an external hard drive. :o) Love your lemon illustration...that's one talented mouse :o) God bless!

  21. What horror - losing all your data!
    This lemon illustration is so adorable.

  22. OH girl my heart goes out to you! AHHHHHHGGGGGG!! Oh Shirley! I am so so sorry about the lost of you computer. Oh I'm going to get an external hard drive right now. I didn't know that you had an ETSY store, now that I do, I will make sure to go by and make a couple of purchases. How wonderful. I love your lettering. It's most beautiful and has such a wonderful follow. How wonderful. Thanks for sharing that. And little mouse there carrying that heavy lemon., I know the feeling. You are just busting the box open with all of your work. IT's amazing!!! Hugs to you Hon

  23. Hi Shirley, this little mouse carrying a lemon is beyond sweet!!! Beautifully painted :) xx

  24. Oh Shirley, I'm so sorry to hear that you have lost some of your work! that is so terrible...I get nervous just by thinking in a situation like that. I have to do some backups myself by the way...SOON! I'm nervous! hehe
    I hope you haven't lost many of your files...I'll be here crossing my fingers!
    At least you got a band new MacBook, that's a reason for pure JOYY!

    Beautiful illustration, as usual, so cute and sweet! love it!



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