Friday, January 8, 2010

Thank you, Yoon See! What a wonderful bookmark!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to post and let you all see the beautiful mermaid bookmark that I received from the dear Yoon See! She has been such a kind person through her visits to my blog. I hope you will visit her blog at: and see her creations and posts. She brightens my day and I look forward to visiting her this year and seeing all of the great imagery that she manages to post. Her holiday photos are astonishing. It's been wonderful to have discovered Malaysia a bit through Yoon See. And, you must check out her lovely art as well! Wow, now I get to enjoy this fine bookmark (just need to make time for my books!). Thank you again, Yoon See!! : )


  1. wow the mermaid is so pretty isnt she?

  2. You are most welcome Shirley!
    It's my pleasure to be your friend.
    I'm so glad that the mermaid now has got a new beautiful home and a loving master that will treasure her forever.

    I have just read your recent New Year resolution post.
    All the best and hope we all will continue to work hard for the goals we have setted specially for this year!
    God bless!!!!


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