Saturday, September 5, 2009

Strong....and PROUD!

My little girl just became a proud member of the "Proficient Push-up" club at school. She can do perfect pushups at the age of 10, and I don't think I've ever done one full perfect pushup in my life. As you can imagine, I am SUPER proud of her...and as you can see here, in this homage, she is quite proud of herself, too. : )

Note: This illustration (from sketch to completion, 30 minutes) was a lot of fun and definitely looser than my recent post, "Magnify" (which took 4 days to be happy with a sketch to move forward with, and then 2 days to paint). I'd love to hear comments about that one, too, if you have time to spare! : )

I guess I move from detail to loose...what do you do? Do you stick with the same style all of the time?

Have a great week!


  1. Oh my! Pushups at 10?! I'd be proud, too! That's amazing. What a fantastic illo! It only took you 30 minutes? Impressive.

  2. You have a very funny style. Your illustrations are sweet. Thank you for your words and excuse my english...;)

  3. Wow!! 30 minutes!! That is very impressive!! I really like this style the expression on her face is perfect and the angle that you managed to draw her face from is brilliant! I think if an illustrater is able to draw in more than one style that's just an added bonus. I don't think you need to pick either style, I think whatever suites your subject at the time!!! Wonderful work again!!!!!

  4. thedoodlegirl, picapoll, Nicola -
    my goodness, thank you! And I'm hoping I can "figure out my styles"..all I know is it's nice to do some tight work, and some loose work. : )
    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Very sweet illustration! I love her expression. Your illustrations are great, and your "loose" style looks effortless (a hard thing to manage!)Stick with what's fun for you and (in my opinion) it's good to have a consistent style. Glad I found YOU this afternoon! :)

  6. Oooh, she's a strong one, isn't she? This is a great illo. I love the loose feel of it. You've done a very nice job, and it only took 30 minutes! Amazing!

  7. this is so so sweet!!! wonderful work!

  8. That's a real cute sketch. I like the spontaneity of loose strokes and the details of the finished ones. They're both effective in their own ways :)

  9. this is amazing for 30 minutes! it looks very fresh! i also go back and forth from worker tighter and looser, sometimes spontaneous and sometimes very slow. it all depends...

    and congratulations to your daughter! :D

  10. Congratulations to your daughter! The illo is wonderful too!

  11. orry to be late here dear Shirley!
    Wow! I am so proud of your daugther Shirley, normally this pushup thing is related to guys...I remember I did not even 10 and I giveup.
    Simple but moving piece.
    You are a great illustrator not just humble, every week when I drop by, you have something so fresh and humorous to surprise us.
    Thanks Shirley and please tell your little girl that she is very strong. She makes mummy so proud. Keep it up.
    I would love to hear more news and admire her cute illustration in the near future.
    Keep posting yeah!

  12. I love the very light washed background of green, blue and brown.
    But I really want to salute you on the handband colour. The red is a focus here.
    So well tuned and it's such a delight looking at this piece again and again!
    It's one of my favourite of yours here.
    Thanks Shirley.
    May be, you can try to capture your daughther's up and down mood through daily sketch just like a daily. The result will be marvellous, trust me.
    Reference blog:

  13. So cute!!! I like this illo: her sweet expressions is too beautiful!! Hugs

  14. Wow - 30 minutes?! Your loose style is nice but the Goldilocks post is definitely my favourite :)

  15. First, Congrats to your super duper girl!!! So good to hear things like that!!! How dare they try to take gym out of our schools. Children need to be active an have things like this happen for them. You must be so proud!!! I know a bunch of kids who can't do one push up. It's sad. They rather sit around and play video games and be couch food. My little one loves to move. Now on to the illustration. I really love the illustration. It's simple and fun and straight to the point and I like that. I love the limes and the yellows. Very nicely done!

  16. I like this a lot.. It made me smile!

    Even though I'm quite versatile I find myself sticking to the same style.

  17. I love the loose style of this illo, Shirley! It has just the right amount of detail and the perspective is great!

  18. Oh my gosh! I love this Shirley! The angle is perfect! I know from my own experience that perspective from this point of view is difficult to pull off...and you did it so well! Great work as usual!

  19. this is awesome and beautiful!! by spending just 30mins, voila, you have pulled up such a cute and nice watercolour illo!! love your girl's expression. i m proud of her too ;)

  20. This so really sweet. I love it! Great perspective too!

    Edrian | view my blog

  21. Wow! congratulations to your daughter! That is quite a feat! I wish I could do that, at my age "Proficient Push Up" takes on a whole new meaning!;-D

  22. I'm SMILIN' over here, y'all! Thank you, thank you for all stopping by and high-fivin' my daughter, here! You all are too kind.
    Mikelaprevost - your work is amazing...thank you for swinging by!
    Michelle - always wonderful to hear from you!
    Diana - you make me smile..thank you!
    rsmsi - wonderful of you to stop by!
    justdoodleit - wow, coming from the master of sketches, thank you!
    michellefarkouh - Many thanks, my dear! Thanks for letting me know what you do! : )
    Yoon See - oh my! I will swing by your blog after this! ; )
    Manola - what a treat that you've come by!
    CallyJaneStudio - You are the queen of cuteness, so many thanks!
    Angie - thank you, and I love your feedback! It's great to hear of your preference...I too love baby bear! (as you can see, I'm all over the place with my style!)
    Vanessa - I agree, my friend, I agree. I am so happy we have some room to run, bike, climb, swing, all that good-stuff that kids should be doing! I'll swing by your place too! : )
    Amariah - your strengths show...thank you for letting me know what you do, too! : )
    Karin - so good of you to stop by...THANKS!
    Jack, you are such a bud! Thank you for your always lovely, generous visits!! : ) I try, I try...but you have no worries with perspective..your work shines., what a treat! Your owl post was FAB, so thank you...I'm also proud of my baby, too..thank you!
    Edrian - lovely of you to stop by! I'll check out your blog!
    Emila - Thank you!!
    ArtQwerks - isn't it the truth? I am definitely banned from the club. : )
    Thank you for coming by!

  23. it's always good to try new things!

  24. Sorry typo errors.
    orry as sorry.
    Handband as headband.

    Pls try again here:
    Hope you have a wonderful time exporing the beautiful shots here.
    These shots tell stories, really amazing stories.

    Sorry I aome late for too many comments to reply and visiting many blogs.
    I suppose to sleep at 10pm and now is 12.15am.
    My doctor told me I must make a big change if I need to recover.
    So, this is one of the reasons to slow down blogging and commenting....
    Yeah, health is more important for I have been suffering from this serious health problem for 10 years.
    I hope miracle will happen. I hope God listen to my prayer for I have dropped so many tears because of this problem.
    But life still got to go on, reason to stay strong.....
    I work hard to get better.
    The last 3 days, I slept at 11pm which were very early.
    I will have to be honest to myself.
    Without health, I can't do better!

    Pls. be patience with me.
    Thank you.

  25. Wow! Good for her. I don't think I've ever done one perfectly either! Lovely illo!

  26. Lovely! Great work for 30 mins. I like both entries even though they're quite different! My style varies a lot depending how I feel/what I use. Well done to your daughter too!

  27. i've missed so much of your beautiful illustrations! great works, shirley!

  28. 30 mins?! Its amazing! I love her expression...what a sweet little thing:-)

  29. Perfect push-ups at age 10? Gosh, I don't think I can even do one :o)
    great story with a great illustration! and thanks for adding to the following thing. I am also glad that I got to see your work!

  30. I like the style, energy and simple nature of this illo. You should try more of these fast ones. Congrats to your daughter as well.

  31. love this! love the perspective, the color, and the overall idea! Great image.
    Come visit us & join us at

  32. I like it very much! I've given up trying to do push-ups these days! ;)

  33. Love this..can't believe you did it in only 30 minutes! Really nice perspective.

  34. Great illo. Love the expression on her face. Yes she is a proud lil one but sooo deserving.

  35. Wow! Bravo to your kid...because I've never done proper push-ups (if even a "real" push-up!) Love your illo, the perspective is so cool. I can't believe in 30 minutes, that's amazing!
    linda (

  36. Shirley, Shirley, Shirley!
    This is such a perfect illustration representing the purity of a child's feelings of accomplishment! How lovely, indeed. Congrats on your strong little precious one!

    Your illustrations make me smile ear to ear!

    Have a great day!

  37. This girl is a champion! Delightful idea!

  38. Congratulations to you daughter, that is really impressive! And this illo is fantastic! I'm a big fan of the looser style, as you know, and you did a great job with the perspective, light and colors.

  39. this is so adorable her face says it all - pure delight.
    The washy background is lovely.
    Go your daughter!!! Tell her to never stop doing it!

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  41. Your work is beautiful Shirley! I love the expression on her face and the colors... your entry for Magnify was lovely as well, so intricate and thoughtful. Very inspiring!

  42. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

  43. Hi Shirley

    I have just sent you an email to your web page address,I hope that's ok. I'd love to send you one of my bookmarks!

  44. Hiya Shirley, Look at you! Wow 48 comments!!??
    Go Girl, you are loved! : )
    Love this, love that you set yourself 30 minutes and it's so fab. I should take that challenge, I feel as if I'm somehow making things more complicated for myself each week. I had a sketch last week but just couldn't get happy with it. I wonder if that happens for anyone else.
    x Alisa

  45. This little strong girl made me smile~:D
    Btw, all of your illustrations are so cute & amazing watercolor renderings!

  46. You always do such GREAT stuff Shirley! It always makes me smile! And congrats to your baby girl! I remember when I was little they used to have the Presidential Fitness Test or something like that. Do they still make kids do that these days?

  47. Oh, yes, you have people who love you!
    51 comments, has been a great work to get down here ha ha
    Well, I love your sketch!
    And it's nice to feel proud for our children
    the heart, does not enter in our chest, right?
    Congratulations,to you and your daughter (I can hardly do a single push-up!)


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