Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"wrapped" process..the trials, the tribulations!

interesting to go through the design and layout process over and over and over again...sometimes it clicks, sometimes it doesn't...and then something sticks. Here is what went through about 3 days worth of thinking about "wrapped"! And in the previous post, is the finished illustration. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. good luck with your illustrations and thanxs for leaving your nice comment!

  2. Shirley, thanks for showing us the process, its so interesting to see how you get to the final illustration, and its really sweet and beautiful! :-)

  3. I love the expression on the young mans face in your final choice, Shirley. I like his expression better in the sketch than in your finals actually. Great storytelling throughout all your potential choices! I love that I can tell you are building the story around the world as you work out the design of the illustration. Little by little, more and more of the story starts to form as you progress through your sketches! Storytelling is definitely one of your strong traits!

    And I wouldn't disregard the sketches with the kittens following the young man down the street. That would be a great illustration to follow the one you settled on. The beginnings of a great story!


  4. i think they are all fantastic, you always choose the best perspective! loove them sketches!

  5. I love to see how other illustrators work! Lovely sketches.

  6. Oooh Shirley I looove your pencil drawings! Thanks so much for sharing them. ~ Alisa

  7. leolitje - thank you for stopping by and for your encouragement!

    Wilson - so good of you to stop by and let me know whatcha thought...I too agree with you - I liked the pencil sketch far better than what I watercolored..I just couldn't seem to get his sweet face back...does this happen to you? I wish I had that I will keep practicin! Thank you for your words aobut storytelling..that makees me smile cause I don't realize that I do that..but it's a super plus. Yes, I may just start that next illo too..thank you!!

    Ella - you are so kind. Thank you for your visit. Looking forward to your next post!

    Sarah - thank you very much - it's fun to sketch and make things happen..and I do like to see the process in other people's work helps to see how people get through roadblocks! : )

    Alisa - goodness, it's great to see you here! Thank you for your super kind comments...I shall check back with your new posts as you have them too. : )

    All the best everyone!

  8. Your sketches are great, Shirley -- they would all work as final illustrations. As Wilson said, they all tell a little bit of the story. I too find it hard to go from sketch to final illustration without losing some of the freshness of the sketch. But like you I'll also keep practicing! :-)


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