Sunday, August 9, 2009

With Gratitude!..the Bella Sinclair Award

A few days ago I was completely floored to have received an amazing award from these talented, wonderfully supportive people: Cheryl Lynn at dreamoutlouddesignstudio; Ako at artfanako; and Brigitte at atelierbrigitte ! Thank you, thank you, thank you, you lovely ladies, for your kindness and sisterhood.

This award is named after an amazingly talented children's book illustrator, and artist, Bella Sinclair. I recently stumbled upon her blog, as well as Ces's blog and came to discover these amazing people who share so much about themselves and inspire all who come to visit. Truly, they are blessed with the gift of words and art, but most generously their gift for sharing and caring for others in a refreshingly bold, sometimes-sassy and fun sister-like fashion. Please do visit their blogs if you have not already. And I too, am sending my thoughts and well-wishes to Ms. Sinclair and her children during this time of sadness (as they have suffered a great loss this year with the death of her husband and their father).

Below, you'll find some of the most wonderful artists who have encouraged and supported me through their visits to this blog - and so I thank them and pass this award along. Some of them already have this award , but I wanted them to know that their words mean so much to me, too.:

I wanted to end this post with this thought:
One of life's lessons that I truly believe in, and try to live by each day, is to enjoy the journey..for it's on the path that we make discoveries and learn about ourselves. The path twists and turns and may grow dark in parts, but this blog is a brightly lit path that I eagerly walk on each day. I get to join amazingly creative people, see inspired pieces of work, brilliantly crafted works of art, and beautifully written passages. And so I thank you for joining me on my are all like fireflies lighting the night sky!


  1. Oh Shirley, such an honor indeed!!! and Yes I accept it of course. Ces's desire was that this award would circle through as many blogs as possible before Bella felt like coming back. I know that this will really touch both Bella and Ces. This is great!!! Thanks so my friend. You are a talented an generous person. Thanks for also sharing your wonderful gift with all of us out here in blog land. Thanks so much.

  2. You are such a sweetie. A dear heart and an amazing talent is what you are, Miss Shirley. I am pleased and honored to have met you in my quest to find my way through the land of creativity.

    Thank you so much and keep inspiring through your beautiful creations.

    BTW, I love the illo above. It's so pretty and colorful and engaging.

    Have a wonderful evening, my friend.

  3. Shirley- how thoughtful!
    Thank you, my dear friend! The love you share so generously, goes around:)

    You inspire me too, and I hope you keep on shining. To all these lovely fireflies lighting your path: I have a storehouse of inspiration to look forward to, and I am grateful for the introduction.

    Cheers, and my very best to you!


  4. Shirley! Thank you so much for the Bella Sinclair award. I love your art so much and your weekly visits and encouraging comments are my life line from the distant world of creating to the real world and wonderful people such as you. I am glad I have been a 'light" to you. (your ending comment was beautiful by the way) So thank you again Shirley and God bless you!

  5. What an adorable blog you've got going on here!
    Thanks for visiting and commenting at my blog!!
    :) - Kim

  6. BEautiful dedication words. I'm touched. Thanks and I'm glad I have cyberspace friends/sisters like you. Maybe someday we will all have a reunion as part of our journey? For now, keep up the good work! I'm a fan!

  7. Thank you so much Shirley! You made my day!

  8. Shirley, thank you for stopping by and for your generous words. yes, indeed bella is all what you said, a truly remarkable woman and a gifted artist. This world is a better place because of her. Ah I see my dear friend Vanessa up there!

  9. Thank you so much for the award and kind words. The above illo is nice too :)

  10. Thank you Shirley for thinking of me. I'm honoured that you thought of me along with the other artists which I too have found inspiring and have visited regularly.

    It is so nice to meet people with the same dream as me and to be able to share work with. Most of the time I am my own worst critic and visits from artists like yourself really make my day and help push me to keep going.
    Thanks again you really brightened up my day

  11. Congratulations on this wonderful award! I remember when it was created and it's wonderful to see it being passed on from wonderful blog to wonderful blog! I love what you said about blogging and couldn't agree more. So glad you stopped by my blog and helped me find yours! I'll be back often!1 :) Silke

  12. Thank you so much Shirley! Your warmth truly comes through in both your writing and your art.

  13. hi shirley, thanks so much for the award, that's very kind of you. you know i love and admire your illustrations as well! speaking about illustrations, can you share what do you use to make outlines in your works? i'm still struggling with outlines and i see that yours is very good. thanks! :)

  14. I really couldn't be more honored, thank you thank you.
    And thank you so very much for your inspiring super amazing work and kind and generous comments, your blog is a delight and this award is super well deserved.
    Bella and Ces are incredible talent with the a brilliant sense of humor and its lovely to see this great award and all it stands for being passed around.

  15. I feel so honored to be given this award, especially from you. I really love reading your blog and be amazed by your work - everytime again.

  16. Thanks Shirley!!! What a suprise!! Sadly I have not been illustrating this whole time but just working and building! Me and my husband have our house up for sale because we are planning to move to the house that we built together. We are tired of bills and mostly tired of the town we live in so we decided it would be the best choice! How has your scbwi membership been for you? I have thought of joining too! Keep a look out for new illos this week at my blog! :D

  17. Congrats Shirley on this award. You really deserve it.
    You are a great illustrator.
    I am learning from you.
    What a coincidence, I also got this award from Ces.
    Bella Sinclair is a person that I admire so much. She inspires me always. I guess she is the way that has been very kind to me.
    No wonder, Ces, created this award to remember here.
    I want to congrats to all recipients above.
    I have checked out their blogs, their works are so inspiring too!
    Thanks for your sharing, yeah, life is a present. I am happy God has given the best for us and may God's presents in your life.
    Making it the fullest for you and your family besides making art!

  18. Congratulations, Shirley! It's the most wonderful of wonderful awards...and so richly deserved by you. What you share with us is a constant source of delight.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your warm-hearted comment. I so appreciate your taking the time.


  19. I'm so sorry for my delay in responding to this, our 4 month old has been giving us a challenge in the sleep dept ;). Thank you so very much, what a wonderful honor!

    By the way, I really like your most recent posts, such great color and cuddle factor!


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