Thursday, August 13, 2009

3: Scamper, shuffle-shuffle, "squeek!"...

...Piggy and Mouse decided that they should keep on walking as they knew that it wasn't just Bigsby, nor Chef Ramsey Rabbit that were making the little "shuffling" noises that they kept hearing along the tunnel's path. Eerily, they felt as though they were being watched by multiple sets of eyes down the dark windy bits. With the candle growing smaller, they turned to each other and nodded, "Yes, we will keep on!" they vowed, as they neared the damp turn to the right...
"OH! ..."oh!"..."oh!"...."oh!"...."oh!"..."oh!"..."oh!"..."oh!"..." exclaimed Mama Bun and her babies.
"Thank goodness it's just you, two! Mama squeeked, as baby after baby pounced and scampered in excitement. "Whew!", Piggy and Mouse both said with relief.


  1. Shirley! This has to be the cutest series I've seen yet. I love all of the characters, they are just plain adorable and loveable. Can't wait for more adventures with Piggy and Mouse.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I fought with the concept of Impatience for a while. I'm pretty happy with the results of my efforts.

    Have a great day, my dear.

  2. Like the handling of the medium throughout yer illos!!!

  3. heheh such a cute little story, and lovely illustrations. I could definitly see this in a book. Your style reminds me of books I used to read as a child, and the illustrations like Beatrix Potter used to have. Maybe it's the use of water colour that reminds me of her but either way I just love your work!

  4. so cute Shirley!
    this one reminds me of a rabbit version of a particular scene in the Sound of Music......."popping out to say Cuck-coo, CUCK-KOO!"

  5. OOH I'm in love Shirley! Very much in love. they are so sweet and cute and so very well illustrated. They evoke a joyful feeling. A little miss potter feel that I treasure and adore so much. Love it!!!!

  6. Cheryl Lynn, Brine, Sarah, Coralie, Vanessa - my goodness, thank you so very much for stopping by to comment. I have SO SO much to learn and practice and work on..but I continue to press on because THIS IS SO MUCH FUN! I'm posting a few more in the next hours or so...just to see what things look like away from my desk. Sarah, I've purchased that book you recommended ('10 Children's Writers and Illustrators Market) thank you for that. Nicola, Cheryl, Vanessa - my goodness, I'm thrilled to hear that the illos you see evoke such a good positive feeling! That's one of my keep 'em sweet, cute, loving..perhaps it's my little girls that bring that out of me. : )

    All the best to you!! Happy Friday.

  7. Love those guys! Especially that one on top! You are relly good at continuity and character design. A visit to your blog always cheers me up! Thanks Shirely!

  8. Jack, thank you, thank you!! That makes me happy...thanks for stopping by! Ditto from me to you.


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