Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Contagious - Illustration Friday entry #3

This week, I came up with a few different ideas for the theme, and struggled, and struggled, and struggled...that's why IF is such a good thing for me...keep on plugging away, and with practice, hopefully things I found difficult this week, will lessen in the months (hopefully!) to come...
anyway, I first came up with a little girl yawning...and then added a dog yawning. I liked the sketch but thought it was a little boring when I added it to my watercolor block. 

In the back of my mind, I thought, what if something else was contagious, like a feeling that will transcend to the future, like "hope". I realize it's a very, very positive belief to think that "hope" right now is contagious...perhaps it's my inner wish for my childrens' future and generations to come.

I'm also uploading my other idea for the theme, as I always have fun with animals, and so, here they are with a contagious round of  yawns. : )


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